The Imperishable Star

The Official Newsletter of the Order of the Serpent

Volume I

The first installment of The Imperishable Star offers an in-depth look into a diverse range of topics such as Setian Magic, Thelemic Philosophy, Mathematical Platonism, and Egyptian Mythology.

The Imperishable Star - Volume I (925kB PDF)

Volume II

Included are essays by newer members of the O.S., and is definitely worth a read. Topics include Sigil Magic, Will to Power, Luciferianism, a Homage to Set, and the importance of Selfhood.

The Imperishable Star - Volume II (968kB PDF)

Volume III

Lovecraft, The Fields of Life, Acosmic Satanism, and Initiation are among the topics covered.

The Imperishable Star - Volume III (1.9MB PDF)

Volume IV

This edition focuses heavily on Satanism, with other essays about Maslow's Hierarchy, the Black Flame, and Ritual Magic. We've also included guest contributions, and a commentary on alternate Left-Hand Path symbols.

The Imperishable Star - Volume IV (4.3MB PDF)