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Ophidic Society of Meskhetyu

The Ophidic Society of Meskhetyu (O.S.M.) is an arm of the Order of the Serpent (O.S.), an Esoteric, Left Hand Path organization dedicated to the accumulation and preservation of the knowledge and undefiled wisdom of the Prince/ss of Darkness. The O.S.M. will specifically be geared towards promoting and maintaining a PDF library of O.S. materials. To start this will be individual articles from previous installations of The Imperishable Star and other articles that have gone unpublished simply due to a lack of medium. This will allow more specific access to and sharing of information on the Esoteric Left Hand Path.

Moving forward, the goal will be similar to that of The Imperishable Star, the O.S. newsletter - producing and sharing material by LHPers, members of the Order or not, for free and for all interested parties. Nothing will be locked behind pay walls or initiatory degrees, and anything which comes out as a hard copy from the O.S. directly will also be available for free through the O.S.M. The only change will (hopefully!) be a more constant flow of production due to individual articles rather than large newsletters.

If you are interested in working with the Order of the Serpent and Ophidic Society of Meskhetyu to create and share Esoteric Left Hand Path knowledge and wisdom, please contact Xepera maSet, Onyx, and Setamontet on the O.S. Forum or at leviathanite@gmail.com. Membership in the Order of the Serpent is not required.

We continue to thank you for your support of the Order of the Serpent in our endeavors! The path of Darkness leads to enlightenment! Like the Ancient Serpent so too may your name endure!

Setamontet, Onyx, and Xepera maSet

The Path of Darkness leads to Enlightenment.

Like the Ancient Serpent, so too may You Endure.