The Imperishable Star - Volume IV

Our Halloween Edition. (4.3MB PDF), at 112 pages, is the most extensive to date.

More information about this and previous releases may be found on The Imperishable Star page.

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Is MindWar moral?

At face value this is obviously a respectable position - it's basically replacing physical warfare with argumentation and working towards a mutual goal. More...



Why? How? Let's hear it. More...


Invocation of Set

In the Name of Set, the supreme manifestation of the Prince of Darkness, I summon the Black Flame into my midst... More...


Magic Magick Majiq

From Middle English magyk, from Old French magique (noun and adjective), from Latin magicus (adjective)... More...


Can one worship Satan and other pantheons?

As much as I feel drawn to Satan and the demons, I've always felt drawn to the Nordic gods as well and didn't really know how to go about working with two pantheons... More...


Re-Review of The Satanic Bible 50th Anniversary ReVision

At first I was unimpressed with TSB50. I was bothered by the use of the title, the mostly repeated information from Dr. Aquino's other books, etc. But after thinking on the subject I have changed my view. More...


Artemism and the 12 Jungian Archetypes

Jungian archetypes are referenced quite often in communities like this, partially because they prove to be a useful framework for talking about the possibility space of possible human ideologies. More...


Magic Askew 2.0

Here is an updated version of my paper which appeared in the last newsletter. It's largely about ritual aesthetics which relate to the Law of the Trapezoid... More...