The Imperishable Star - Volume III

Our largest and most in-depth release to date, available here. (1.9MB PDF)

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The Main Goal and Path of Magic

Excluding that there are a diverse array of traditions that practice magic in different ways, for different reasons (spiritual or otherwise) and that there is both the LHP and RHP categories......does magic as a whole have any commonly shared aim or purpose? More...

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Process Philosophy and Process Theism

It appears that Process Philosophy (PP) is at odds with most of the main philosophies of our day, perhaps even throughout history. Whereas most philosophy believes that there are set, stable aspects of the universe, PP believes that dynamic change is a fundamental aspect of nature. More...

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If Materialism is True Then Logic Cannot Be Objective

The most basic axiom of logic is the law of identity, that A is A. It is a name we assign the principle, letters made up by us, but what it describes is objectively true. However, logic is not something that we can define as material in nature. More...

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Azazel-Pan: Devil-God of the Witches

This is an article I wrote a little while ago for my blog, Satanic Witchcraft in the New Aeon. The usage of excerpts from folks like LaVey and Crowley may seem almost out of place to some, considering how the article focuses on Hebrew demonology, Greek myth, and medieval witch-cults. But they are not there merely for filler or to make a short piece of writing longer. Instead, it's to emphasize how these different areas of the occult and religion touched on in the article are not mutually exclusive at all to me, but are rather facets of one Diabolic whole. More...

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Dark Classical Music

Browse some select classical masterpieces from YouTube and get a sense of the atmosphere that the Order exudes: that darkness brings about its unique form of enlightenment. Perfect for a playlist of your own making. More...