The Imperishable Star - Volume I

The first official newsletter of the Order of the Serpent has been released.

The Imperishable Star - Volume II

Included are essays by newer members of the O.S., and is definitely worth a read. Topics include Sigil Magic, Will to Power, Luciferianism, a Homage to Set, and the importance of Selfhood. Get it here.

The Imperishable Star - Volume III

Our largest and most in-depth release to date, available here.

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The Egregore

An egregore is a magical servitude created by the Magician or Magicians to assist in the manifestation of the Will to Magic. More...

The Serer Religion

So over time, an idea (well three really) has been gnawing at me: that I wasn't entirely Christian to begin with; that I was inevitably going to ascribe to LHP practices... More...

Epistemological Unfriendliness

Epistemology refers to the theory of/study of knowledge, and unfriendliness is pretty clear. Basically EU is the position that those who disagree with your knowledge cannot possibly be correct or rational... More...

Need Opinions: Anti-Cosmic Approach to LHP

The purpose behind this thread isn't to discuss MLO or anti-cosmic Satanism as it is, per se, but rather the anti-cosmic approach to the LHP as a possibility. More...

Altar tools, where do you store them?

I've mainly stored tools on my shrines. However, I've ran out of room... More...