The Imperishable Star - Volume III

Our largest and most in-depth release to date, available here. (1.9MB PDF)

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Brief Introduction To Vampyrism

The archetype of the Vampyre has had a lure for many years. People have either been drawn to it to be terrified, romanced, empowered, mysterious, wise, and immortal. More...


Origin of Lucifer

The word Lucifer can be traced to the ancient ideals surrounding the myths associated with the Morningstar and his brother the Evening Star. More...


Xeper and Remanifest-words of the Aeons

I was going over the later heads on Michael Kelly's various Apophis works which is the angle I most appreciate Setianism from. More...


The solution to bad religion is good religion, not no religion.

"Atheism deserves better than the new atheists whose methodology consists of criticizing religion without understanding it..." More...