The Imperishable Star - Volume I

The first official newsletter of the Order of the Serpent has been released, and is available Here...


The Imperishable Star - Volume II

Included are essays by newer members of the O.S., and is definitely worth a read. Topics include Sigil Magic, Will to Power, Luciferianism, a Homage to Set, and the importance of Selfhood. Get it Here...

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Nine States of Consciousness

Some P.D. Ouspensky inspired definitions: the Nine States of Consciousness, also based symbolically on the Enneagram, and the Seal of the Nine Angles. Something I've revisited which I posted on another forum some 8 years ago. These are only formative thoughts and ideas. More...


To Setians who take the Platonic Form approach: I have some questions

I apologize if the title seems redundant, but I wrote it just in case there's a Setian here that doesn't take the Platonic Form approach. I have three questions: More...


How did you come upon the Left-Hand Path?

My first book was Don Webb's "Uncle Setnakt's Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path" and have never looked back since then. More...


What's dogma?

Something I've actually been thinking of a for a few days... this isn't because of any other post or poster here although it did cause me to consider it more and I figured now would be a good time to share where I'm at with my thoughts. More...