The Imperishable Star - Volume 1

The first official newsletter of the Order of the Serpent has been released, and is available Here...

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Mathematics and Physical Monism

I think one of the most interesting and important metaphysical questions is whether or not mathematics are created by rational beings or discovered by rational beings. More...


Call to the Old Ones and Opening of the Gates

I'a Nyarlathotep! The Black Prince who rideth the whirlwinds of the Abyss, hail thou Messenger who brought to the Earth the Shining Trapezohedron, thou who giveth to man substance of being and the knowledge of the Nine Angles. More...


The Symbol of the Serpent

Since the Serpent is the symbol of our own order, I thought it would be good to begin a discussion of the Serpent as a symbol in various religions and cultures. More...

Set Slaying Apep


...I believe that most religions, as well as things like atheism and physicalism, focus on the monster rather than the heroes. More...