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Initiation and Recognition
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A bit of an open-ended question, but I'm curious how these concepts relate to the Herald of the Dawn.


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Interested persons will be directed to an application for affiliation.  Then, if approved by the Council (our elected governing body,) the person will become an Incipio, and will be given some study material and up to 8 weeks to study and understand it, as well as an area where they can interact with other members and ask questions.  This is a probationary time so the candidate can understand some of the principles of the western left hand path and key concepts as they related to the Herald of the Dawn, and decide if it resonates with them.  When they are ready, they can request an interview, and upon passing the interview, will be accepted as a Neophyte in the main group.

There is a curriculum for Neophytes, and once they have shown that they have become adept with the material, they will be recognized as Adept, and more advanced material will become available to them.

Higher degrees are through recognition of the qualities of that degree the Mystai develops.  There isn't a set curriculum for the higher degrees.

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Re: Initiation and Recognition
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Thanks for the detailed explanation, sounds like there is a good system in place.