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I ordered a copy of The Path Of Least Resistance when Hapu mentioned it in another thread, and it showed up recently. I have consumed up to about halfway through chapter 5 so far. I found initially absorbing the reactive/responsive orientation framework to require shutting down quite a few of what I'd call my informational quality control reflexes. By quality control reflexes, I mean that habit of examining incoming information and asking "to what conclusions would this lead if I accepted it as Fact? Are those conclusions consistent with my observations of the world?". However, it's usually not so much the content itself as a certain presentation of content which makes my brain itch in this way. I like a lot of what Carl Sagan writes, for instance, but listening to him talk is similarly uncomfortable. I think this particular reaction might be what I get when I try to partake of writings that are targeted at an audience that's accustomed to taking things on faith in a certain way.

However, after that awkward introduction spun to hook thought patterns very unlike my own, the book is getting quite delightful. The note about it which I took before setting it aside last night reads:

The author is using the reader's "responsive/reactive" orientation to kick them out of it, by reassuring them that the familiar creative processes are "right" for a value of "right" that's irrelevant to the actual creative process. Not unlike a philosophical quine.


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Finished The Path Of Least Resistance. Seems like the author kind of said what he had to say in the first half, and felt obliged to stretch the rest into a book to fit in about 3 more pages of pertinent examples throughout it. At some point I'll go back through and extract some relevant quotes from it, as a few caught my eye on the way past.

I'm still about halfway through Paul Rhys Mountfort's Norse Runes, stuck in a section that reads like a highly educational brick. I think I'm going to have to do some sort of project with them to synthesize the blocks of stories that flesh out each rune's nuances; perhaps designing a deck of cards of the runes would suit. I have his book on Ogam in the mail as well. I expect that doing anything useful with the Ogam will require a pretty serious exercise in comparative ethnobotany to figure out which trees in my region fill the roles for which its original trees were selected. Several important local trees are entirely missing from the ogam, and about half its trees are present only in as much as they've escaped from gardens over the years. Most interpretations of it that I've seen online use gorse, which is a noxious weed near my area so growing it on purpose would be problematic. I'll probably end up with 2 sets of it -- one "by the book", and one localized. The whole project is more about adding a more esoteric alphabets for encoding both phonetic and symbolic meaning in art projects anyways, so the fact that the ogam is also made of trees is what one might call a happy accident.


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"The Law is for All"