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Aside from Black Magic, I feel like SSOTBME has had the biggest impact on me of anything I've read this year. And it has easily been the most entertaining read this year. What did your paperback turn out like? I've been tempted to turn a PDF or two into something physical.

I'm currently reading Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihaly, and Behold: The Prince of Darkness by @Xepera maSet


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@lyscii It turned out like this:

Not the sturdiest, but perfectly serviceable for carrying around and annotating.

I printed the pdf 2 pages per sheet on 8.5x11, then cut it down with a ruler and sharp knife into sheets 8.5" tall and 5" wide. I could have trimmed some of the extra margins from top and bottom of each page, but I kept them for writing in. I also don't have a good solution yet for printing the pages front and back. This print technique yielded all the even pages in a stack and all the odd pages in a stack, so it took a little manual collation, but that was a good chance to double check that all my pages ended up in the right order. I added black cardstock "covers"/endpapers as something to glue the cloth cover to. Then I just clamped the stack together on what would become the right edge of the book, bent what would be the spine back and forth, and smeared what would be the spine with PVA glue. Bending the glue covered spine over a couple times in each direction (like but with glue instead of art on the edges) helps ensure that each page is stuck to the next properly. I then wrapped a piece of cloth around it and glued it onto the spine and covers/endpapers and pressed the whole thing overnight. I like leaving a bit of extra cloth around the edges to protect the pages when the whole thing is carried around in a bag.


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I've thought about making my own books from digital files for personal use, and it's inspiring to see someone actually pull it off. I can see how the blank pages provide plenty of room for notes.

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Re: What are you reading?
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Trying to read Game of Thrones. Reading books is starting to really kill my eyes and head though, I think middle to old age will be progressively digital sadly.

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Re: What are you reading?
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I discovered and ended up consuming the entirety of the SSOTBME Revised ( PDF yesterday.
Thanks a ton for mentioning that book. I've not yet finished it (taking it slowly to add my notes/summaries to the file and to make sure I understand at least most of it), but it's a very interesting read to say the least.