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Left Hand Path Trailer
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There are Wyrd things done in the Midnight Sun…The art, philosophy, and religion of black magic practitioner James C. Kirby are explored while he creates a talisman using the ancient art of Lost Wax casting.

“Black Magic is the intentional use of the will, towards the direct purpose of the Magician, to alter one’s existence, according to one’s will.”James C. Kirby is a black magician, artist and Magister Templi in the Temple of Set, a left hand path occult religion. A gemstone cutter, carver and fine jewelry maker, James crafts unique works in stone, bone, and metal. In Left Hand Path, he creates a Serekh of Xeper, a symbol of Khephra the Egyptian god of self-creation, honoring the 42nd Anniversary of the Temple of Set during the North solstice in Yukon Territory, Canada.

“This remarkable film is an example of Heka, an Egyptian noun which can be translated either as Magick or Art since those wise folks knew that both things were the same. As did the late James C. Kirby. Such a piece of Art (or Magick) is good for the soul. View it with an open heart and a critical/rational mind – and some of James’s Magick will be with you. Xeper.” Don Webb High Priest of Set (Emeritus)
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