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Forum Decorum
« on: October 27, 2018, 12:58:18 am »
There is nothing wrong with debate on this forum, but I'd like for us to avoid personal insults. I have made some mistakes myself in the past and apologize for those.

I don't want to have too many rules here, but might suggest the following:

1. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but please be respectful of others.
2. Agree to disagree when things come to an impasse.
3. Take personal battles to the private messaging system.
4. Everyone has bad days, think twice before posting if that is the case.
5. This isn't a courtroom.

Unlike most forum owners, I watch this place like a hawk so I don't see the need for a bunch of warnings, temporary bans, or other dumb stuff.

I'll step in if I perceive a problem and anyone is always free to PM either myself or another administrator with their concerns. If things get too out of hand I'll just hit the delete button, but that is a last resort.

Let's maintain the level of class we've enjoyed so far, thank you.
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Re: Forum Decorum
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I want to add that all decisions get discussed by the administration as a whole, unless it's a blatant violation of the OS forum (crime, Naziism, etc)


Re: Forum Decorum
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To those who continue to waste everyone's time with junior-high level nonsense, please read my suggestions again, hopefully they will stick the second time around. I understand that some people either enjoy or have a need to challenge each others logic, but this needs to be done with more tact. Thanks.