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Ganon as LHP Gaming Figure
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Ganon (or Ganondorf Dragmire), the main bad dude from the Legend of Zelda series, has always been an all-time favorite of mine when it comes to fictional bad-guy-wizard types. Ever since I was little. I was born in the mid '80s, and got into playing NES games when I was REALLY little. My initial introduction to Ganon was through the cartoon series, because I wasn't good enough yet to actually make it to Ganon in the first game back then (although I'd seen him on the game over screen of the sequel a lot.) And I've loved him ever since.

There's a few cool things about Ganon that, to me, give his character a really strong LHP vibe:

1. He's a red-haired Black Magician from the desert (at least when he's not a pig-dude).

2. He was raised by witches (Koume and Kotake; "Twinrova").

3. He's known as "The Prince of Darkness."

and most importantly,

4. Unlike the characters Link and Zelda, who seem to be reincarnations at different points in time of Hyrule's history, Ganon is pretty much always implied to be THE Ganon, with the same memories, with the same identity, with the same personality. He's always locked away somewhere and pissed, trying to come back and take over Hyrule again. I like to imagine that Ganon perceives that Link and Zelda and everyone else keeps getting recycled, and that he consciously strives against it. But in doing so, he straight up wants to make never-changing, eternally recycling Hyrule itself come under his Will as the new "Dark World."

(At least this is how it seemed back when Ocarina of Time was considered to be the "first" entry, storyline-wise, where it shows the Ganon backstory that was described in a Link to the Past, shows him turn into a pig, shows him get banished/sealed, where he promises to come back and destroy Link and Zelda's descendants, etc. If that's been retconned or changed since then . . . then that's lame.)

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Zelda's always been one of my favorite gaming series. And Ganondorf is one of my mains at any Smash Bros. game. Really like the aesthetics of him.

Never noticed that he's referred to as "prince of darkness", but then, I played nearly all of them in German (with the possible exception of Link's Awakening, in which he doesn't appear - and the story of which is almost worth a thread of its own).
Something like that alone doesn't necessarily make someone related to the LHP - also the main villain of Watership Down is referred to as "the dark one", at least in the cartoon series, and he's basically the leader of a military dictatorship who can't get over his traumatizing childhood.

Anyway, to return back to Zelda:
Got a bit lost regarding the timeline theories, though, but we at least can settle on that the three aspects of the triforce return again and again and continue their fight as hero, support and enemy, never able to completely defeat each other. And I think you're right that Ganon's the only of them who retains his full memories - that is some food for thought.

Heh, the three aspects (courage, wisdom and strength) are also not unlike what was discussed here:
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This is a great topic and I'm glad it was brought up. I'm certainly convinced that Initiation first started for me by playing Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne. The lore of Hyrule is another good one.
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