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My cup runneth over.
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Although many ponder the nature of the Egg, do they ponder in the same way the nature of the Human or is an inability to perceive truly an inability to perceive despite the context?

Perhaps the Divine Right of Kings is an actuality and perhaps everything is truly fatalistic.

Our totality is a God, we are the flesh and raw materials of God that are created and create God and naturally by virtue of this ourselves through two operations.

The first operation of creation relates to multiplicity and is bound by finite boundaries first and foremost in structure and location, this is not it's limitation but truly it's ultimate power and name.

The second operation of creation relates to subtraction or consolidation and is not bound by finite boundaries the way the first operation of creation is.

Thus this is creation through the power of destruction or elimination.

Each thought and idea has a physical correspondence although it may be too small or abstract (rays of light) to observe properly, yet it still exists.

Similarly a thought exists as a real object for we must move reality in order to generate the echo of an imaginary world, we can observe what I will call an energy que in this process which is why some things require much more energy to manifest than others.

This is a friction that is war and the nature of our existence, a process of constant filtering and destruction.

To accept an idea or understanding is to also accept Blood and to embody and become, thus our ideas and understanding may be propagated and in this way our Blood may be propagated to act on the creation of matter through a seemingly inverse process that was once improperly described as evolution.


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Re: My cup runneth over.
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Through our desires and our imagination we create a lesser representation of that physically and as all physical things the more you do something the better you become.

Over many generations, a desire may begin to become a physical reality and in this way no Human reading truly has an age as they understand age to be nor can be defined.

There are no new things under the sun, but there are degrees of change which is in actuality the perception of movement in space there is no change in anything except for the relationship of objects between each other and the raw materials at the lowest level never change in any way except their position.

We only care about the relationship of objects between each other as light animated and actualized in the mind of God as the result of different information layers combining and becoming in the perception of God, as they mean nothing to themselves outside of the foundation.

We are not immaterial in the sense that reality is a hallucination of God, so much as that "IT" is a hallucination of the emanator and so even God is an immaterial hallucination.