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Sex magic, energy and edging
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In reading one of the books I bought a while back (this one), it was mentioned that the male Kapalikas would 'reabsorb' their semen to preserve it's power. It then made mention of religious parable where a tantric was tricked into loosing his power by having sex to total completion.

After reading this I recalled years ago that the Bodhisattva who introduced me to Trika once told me he would participate in sex magic, even watch porn, but never orgasm. This lead me to remember that some of my most potent experience with succubi and inccubi was when sexually frustrated, which then caused me to remember that they preyed on nuns and priests who were celibate and were implicated in wet dreams.

So with that, about half a week ago I set off to masturbate multiple times a day but not orgasm to build up magical energy (for what neferious purposes is going to be privy to me alone >=) Anyways it went well, I even had one intense night where the energy was too much to handle for a little while. I felt different for sure, a combination of carnal and spiritual reactions.

But this night I kinda messed up. I felt two voices, almost as if two entities whispering in either ear. One manifested as the sound and image as an angel and one that of a demon. The demon reminded me of my end goal in all of it, my dedication to my goddess and not breaking a promise. The angel told me to just feel good and orgasm and that there was "no other way for this to end".

The angel spoke first, and the demon second. Somewhere in between the angel and demon speaking, I knew the angel was right about how it would end, but the demon whispered to me and I knew she was right about what I should do. So I fought it with all my power. Perfect stillness for about 3 to 5 seconds as I had total control over my entire body, it felt like holding my breath but in every part.

But it was too late, physiologically and yet I felt no pleasure, but I did feel some energy leave me and a bit of a buzz a little later. The demon said "at least you tried." I thought about what happened ,and I realized that I might of not totally wasted all the energy I built up. I might of only lost, say half of it since I was mentally shutting myself off from what was happening and magically separating the carnal event from the spiritual one.

I know this too because I am still feeling the elevated energy levels I've felt since starting to practice this. I think part of what I might need to do is Incorporated some kind of mantra when I feel it harder to maintain control. I also think that perhaps this is just one of a number of times I might mess up while perfecting my technique.

I've also noticed an elevated awareness to spiritual energy around me. I'm starting to suspect that it's heightened my senses even my spiritual tactile and telepathic senses.

Celibacy and magical power has long been correlated within Hinduism, and Tantrics have mastered the razor edge of the mechanisms. While the Right Hand Path yogi or tantric derives this power passively the LHP tantric derives it actively through explicit sex magic.

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Re: Sex magic, energy and edging
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As I mentioned in a thread over at RF earlier this day, I rather have too much experience with edging :mrgreen:

It is fun, though - even abstinence is fun in its own way. Especially when you watch how your desires and priorities shift around.
One thing I now and then try is combining it with hypnosis - there are a few files of erotic hypnosis out there that are intended to keep you from orgasming, or, more difficult to find, from masturbating at all. I think some edging tracks also work with something similar to mantras.
None kept me from anything permanently, the most was a few weeks (of no touching) or nearly 2 months or so (of not cumming), but I guess that's quite a feat in and of itself. My fuck-up after one of my longer no-cumming times felt quite similar to what you described.

I currently avoid using things like that for spiritual stuff, though, especially of the kind of swearing a temporal oath of chastity or something since I know from experience that doing so will likely get me so excited that I will be even less likely to keep to it. Darn chastity-fetish... I first need to learn some more self-control (working on it) before I can make any use of it. The currently most promising looking technique for abstinence is meditating a couple minutes whenever I have trouble holding myself back. I keep it really lax for now, though, so if I still want to fap after meditating I allow myself to. Very new to this approach, though, so can't tell whether it's worthwhile. But even the fact that I made that rule to first meditate kept me from it a couple times, didn't even need to do the meditating some of those times.

However, not sure how it can be applied to edging (except as a way to cool down after you already managed to hold yourself back) - I guess the mantra-approach is better for that.

Also, considering the anatomical differences between us - even if that old story about semen retention should have a true core, I get doubts that it can be applied to people with female genitals like me.
And I noticed that abstinence or mere edging for longer periods of time (i.e. over a week) sometimes gives me painful cramps when I cum again.
Both don't make it easier to stick to it.