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Welcome Vampyres
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First, thanks to @Onyx  for adding this to the forums. The subject of Vampyres and Vampyrism have been as long to me as has Satanism and other LHP interests.

Children of Darkness, gather 'round.

We will discuss all things Vampyre related in this part of the forums.

All general forum rules apply.

The only rule that at this time I would personally ask us each to adhere to is how that we individually feed.

Feeding is done either by blood or by energy.

Each can be metaphors for the other or each could be literal. It all depends on the individual.

My reason for requesting this is that there may be others who either are lifestylers or just curious. Also for those who are new it is important that they find their own way of what works for them without being explicitly influenced by someone else.

As we all get to know each other a bit better I would say that those discussions would best be left to private communication.

Any thoughts?
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I'm confused. What is this exactly?


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I'm confused. What is this exactly?

Unless I'm mistaken, the idea here is to explore the paradigm of Vampyrism and how it might apply to one's path. I don't personally condone anything involving blood (at least I don't want to hear about it, lol).

Vampyres may possess certain traits:

Nocturnal - sensitivity to bright light, prefers the night over the day.
Invisibility - not in the literal sense, but blending in with surroundings.
Awareness - notices things others don't.
Intelligence - analytical reasoning skills, etc.
Undiseased - if one does get sick, it usually doesn't amount to much.
Tempermental - liable to quick changes in mood.
Foresight - ability to see what's coming before it occurs.
Reflexes - can act quickly and with finesse.
Subtlety - knows the art of manipulation, but is reserved in its use.

Part of my list was inspired by this, but contains my own thoughts on the matter as well. While I don't think I possess much on the hocus-pocus level, I can relate to at least some of Vampyrism which is why I've become fascinated with it. Could be very useful, particularly when it comes to Lesser Magic.


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Thank you @Onyx  your explanation is correct.  Especially with regards to Lesser Magic.

The unique thing about the Vampyre is the ability to shape-shift into various paradigms. One may have a strong preference or one that best suits them, however, they can adapt to any quite easily.


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The unique thing about the Vampyre is the ability to shape-shift into various paradigms. One may have a strong preference or one that best suits them, however, they can adapt to any quite easily.

Something I hadn't thought of, but it makes sense.


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@Onyx I am glad to hear this! I don't know about you, but I always love learning something new that I can apply.

@SilverFoxtail Thank you for the question.  My apologies for not doing more of an introduction first. As you can likely see this is a fairly new (and at this point I would say experimental) part to the forums. As such, it is in it's infancy stages of being put together. I just finished a brief introduction post to this topic if @Onyx would be so kind as to sticky it, that would be greatly appreciated also. :)

On that intro post, you will see where I cover a variety of things. I welcome questions with regards to specific areas. Where and when appropriate, these questions will help to form specific posts so each area can be further explored in detail.

Also, I implore those who feel that they have any insights to offer to also feel free to start topics as they feel it pertains to the subject.

Since this is a new topic to the forum, we are all noobs in a sense. All contributions (and this is true of any of the topics anywhere on the forum I feel) can be useful. Because what may be second nature to me, or something that I have known for years, may open up a new door for someone else. If I assume everyone else already knows about it and don't post, then  no one could possibly benefit from it.

With regards to myself specifically, this forum is teaching me a great deal about Setianism. At the moment, I haven't posted a great deal of responses in those forums because my first goal was to clear up some things with regards to the CoS and Satanism. I also will have a series of articles coming out in upcoming issues of The Imperishable Star on that topic and while I might not entirely close the door (who knows? when all is said and done, I may be the Order of the Serpent's resident Satanist to continue to clear up things and call bullshit where I see it.  8) ) I also have full intention of spreading my own wings and learning more on what many of the wonderfully written threads here have to offer.

I am overwhelmed at the warm welcome and reaction to my return to the Order of the Serpent. While I feel I have given back in terms of CoS related stuff, I also saw that Vampyirism was an untapped area that I know a thing or two about and so that I could also offer this in return for the feelings that you all have given me. Likewise, it is my hope that this thread will also give others inspiration, new knowledge, or maybe just a fun little tryout that opens some new doors.

I understand that in a way the above is a bit of a digression, however, one that was necessary, and if one looks close enough you can see the Vampyric exchange at play. ;)   


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@Onyx - inspired contribution from another thread.

The difference with Satanism, etc, is that you choose the environments you wish to work within. I've been intrigued by this concept of "shape-shifting" mentioned within the Vampyrism threads, in terms of not only being effective in your own paradigm but perhaps others as well. New color palettes to explore but always at your discretion.

Quote from: Olive
It's interesting that you mention 'shape-shifting' - constructed paradigms are a specialty of mine. I'll hunt down the relevant thread over there and post a bit on it.

The best advice I can give to someone looking to develop this skill, is something like this:

1. In the beginning, use your conviction to create "anchor points" within your perspective that you will not trespass in your experiments.
2. Cultivate radical open-mindedness. Study new material that you would consider far outside of your normal paradigm.
3. Challenge yourself to not only entertain, but to accept elements of the new material. If counterpoints or conflicting knowledge arise in you, allow them to stand but not to deter you.
4. Begin to loosen and let go of your anchor points. At this point, you should aim not only to accept the new material, but turn your will towards proactively creating a mindset that is conducive to your integrating it.
5. Begin to create new anchor points within the perspective concerning the material that was once challenging to you. Explore the possibilities of this paradigm, with the knowledge that every hour you spend wearing it will impact the pathways of your mind.

This is a dangerous kind of chaos magic if you are not able to conduct a "hard reset" within yourself - removing all suppositions and returning to a stable state. I would recommend meditation, but that may only be effective if you are already highly skilled with that practice and can return yourself to the void. Another way is to preserve a core of iron skepticism within yourself and to never allow anything to penetrate it. (This alone can have a saturnian impact on the mind, so use caution.) If you are able to conduct a full reset on yourself, the anchor points you've created are not at once destroyed. They are deactivated but remain. And so a new form is mastered, when the relevant anchor points can be activated and embodied at will. It is actually deeper than just convictions and logical suppositions, however. You've also created a kind of conditioned familiarity with the new paradigm that make your assumed form infinitely more convincing than a man playing devil's advocate ever could be.

It has been said that the mark of an intelligent mind is that is can entertain an idea without accepting it; still more advanced is the mind that can accept the foreign idea as his own, in his very heart - all the while maintaining the resolve to tear it again from his own breast.
    Art thou pale for weariness
Of climbing heaven, and gazing on the earth,
     Wandering companionless
Among the stars that have a different birth, -
And ever-changing, like a joyless eye
That finds no object worth its constancy?

-Percy Bysshe Shelley

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I'd say the methodology described in the above post should really be central to the definition of left handed path practice.