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Brief Introduction To Vampyrism
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The archetype of the Vampyre has had a lure for many years. People have either been drawn to it to be terrified, romanced, empowered, mysterious, wise, and immortal. Maybe some from a little of each category. Also there are simply those who like to walk a bit on the wild side of things without looking any further than cosplay type situations.

Vampyrism as also enjoyed a rich mythology and history. Everything from Count Dracula to Lestat de Lioncourt in fiction to Vlad the Impaler and Countess Bathory in the real historical sense Vampyres have had firm footing in both worlds. (Commonly within those who are active within the Vampyre community this is referred to as the Day world and the Night world).

Many of those drawn to various religions (including but not limited to) those within the LHP have certainly felt a strong pull to the Vampyre. Others have not.

The unique thing about Vampyirism is that true to the mythological archetype Vampyres are shapeshifters. Vampyres are able to hone various skills to adapt to just about anything they wish. To give an example of this, the terminology listed above of Day/Night worlds could just as easily be described as the Objective Universe and the Subjective Universe within Setian terms. Also as within Setian terminology there is also the Twilight world (which has nothing to do with the sparkly movie :) ). In Setian terms this would be the Collective Universe Objective and Subjective combined.

Just as within other LHP religions, that of the Vampyre is very individualistic. It also offers a path to Self-Deification. 

Vampyres endorse all religions simply because we look at all Gods, Goddesses, Devils, etc. As being Vampyres who have created all of the human religions from the beginning of time. All of the deities and creators of the human religions are immortal just as the mythological Vampyre. Also, it is by feeding off of human beings that they continue to remain with vital existence. When you consider the Ancient ones and how many people have fed them by way of belief, prayer, offerings of one nature or the other and add to that the number of centuries that this has been done, you begin to see how that these sentient beings have not simply died away.

It is the intention of the Living Vampyre to use these Ancient Ones as role-models for lack of a better term. Before we can declare that we are God's ourselves it doesn't hurt to look to those who have a lot more experience at it. In the Day world, this is no different than one who plays music (or anything else that you can think of) looking to those in similar fields with the desire of emulating them.

There are many tools that can be learned and used to create the Vampiric condition. As you explore each of the tools it is important to understand that they can and do function in both the Day World and The Night World or, within day to day activities such as Lesser Magic or in the esoteric sense as in Greater Magic.

Some of these tools include:

Being able to identify the energies that you are working with and how to bring them about to suite your needs.

Understanding who and what you are and what you are not.

Communication skills. Being able to effectively communicate to whatever your situation is and in the best possible way that you may work things to your advantage.

Enchantment and Charm. Being able to draw people into you with the understanding that people are more inclined to do things for those that they like.

The development of the Will. Vampyres are in it to win it so to speak. Imagine if the Ancient One's would have simply given up and went quietly into the night when faced with adversity. Living Vampyres determine what it is out of life that they want, have a realistic understanding of what obstacles are standing in their way and then bring themselves to meet the challenge, overcome it and attain their goal.

Through all of these things, the Living Vampyre is fed by those they encounter.

Blood is vital. However, it is another way of saying Life force.  Just as human beings pray to Gods so to do they willingly offer up sacrifices to the Living Vampyre. This can be in the form of supportive energy (think in terms of a support group), it can be by way of adoration (consider how you feel when someone compliments or flatters you) it can be financial (it can be quite nice to be able to have people who are loyal enough to you that you can count on them to help you out of a bind), it can be sexual, (if there is any explanation needed here please let me know :P . However, on a more serious level,  generally speaking, do you not feel more revitalized after some type of sexual activity?), it can be sympathetic, (even though you may be devastated by a situation, has the energy of other people not made certain situations easier to deal with?) Some are also fed by anger or other highly charged situations (think in terms of those who engage in UFC or highly competitive sporting events).

All of the above examples are cases of human beings offering up energy that the Living Vampire feeds off of (gets a jolt, a burst of happiness, excitement etc). In most of these cases when people do not know that a Living Vampyre is in their midst they are not panicked and not doing anything that they typically would not do given the situation. That is if the Vampyre is covert there are plenty of ways of feeding off of human beings that does not hurt them in the least and they have no idea that they are being fed upon since they shed this energy naturally any way. You can also see where you do not need to go too far out of your way to find feeding opportunities.

For those who like to experiment with different types of energy, field trips can also be fun. Going to music concerts or sporting events with Vampyric awareness you are able to pick up on very heavy energy emitting from the crowd. The same is true on a smaller scale of a visit to a local ER waiting room on a weekend. Attending various public meetings, support groups, trials, or funerals can also give you a taste of highly charged situations where you don't even have to make the effort to feed.

In turn we offer this energy up to the Ancient One's via whatever paradigm that we choose and however it is that we communicate with them. It enhances a working to have a bit of extra oomph to put into a Ritual if that makes sense.

This is a brief outline.

If you have specific details in any of these categories to offer, please do so. Also if this inspires any questions to specific areas feel free to ask and we can start specific sections for them as they pertain.

Thank you to all who have taken the time to read this and I hope that the above information helps.


Re: Brief Introduction To Vampyrism
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If this thread is to serve as an FAQ, I have a couple inquiries to add:

1) How does one become a Vampyre / what differentiates Human from Vampyre?

2) What drawbacks/limitations does the Vampyre have which ordinary Humans do not experience? And, what limitations of the Human experience are amplified by Vampyrism?

I know of at least one answer to (2): Vampyrism confers a heightened dependence on others' company and reactions to maintain one's accustomed standard of living.


Re: Brief Introduction To Vampyrism
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In answer to your first question, on one hand, like with anything else someone feels drawn to something. On the other hand, there is not any rational explanation as to why these certain types of things are more appealing than anything else.

That is what really begins your quest. Not only with Vampyrism but really with anything that you embark on.

Through exploration, you may stumble across the Vampyre. Perhaps first in fiction, then by way of those who call themselves lifestylers, then through houses, covens, organizations and the like. Maybe you find yourself fitting into one or more of those categories. Maybe you aren't only comfortable in one, but in several. No less, there is a feeling of coming home. Something within the realm of the Vampyre is giving you an understanding of things that you have always felt or done but have never truly understood. At this point you are awakening to your nature.  As for houses or groups, like many other paradigms some people learn better in groups and others on their own.

In case you haven't been able to tell from several of my other responses, awareness is the key.

You must ask yourself who and what you are.

You must also then find out what you are not.

Again, there is no difference here than the journey as presented by the Major Arcana of the Tarot for instance.

It is about testing.

Test your beliefs, test yourself, test what you are told, test what you read.

Simply doing that alone sets anyone apart from the masses in my opinion.

In those tests you may find that you have a connection to the Vampyre in it's various forms. You then may chose to study further and test what you study. Ultimately you either find yourself to be a Vampyre or you don't.

It really is just that simple.

There is no wand that one can wave over you and magically change you.

Unlike being a Satanist (born and not made) one can choose to become a Vampyre. This is done through study and practice. This can also be done solitary or by group.

As far as what differentiates the Human from the Vampyre, a perfect analogy to be made is that if one has to ask how much something costs they can't afford it to begin with.

The same applies here.

If you have to ask the difference between a Human and a Vampyre after a cursory study, chances are good that you aren't a Vampyre. I don't say this to be evasive, rather, this is a conclusion that you have indicated that you have come to via your own studies, and I cannot validate your thoughts, experiences, or feelings. This is something that you must do for yourself. It sounds as though you have, and based upon that question, I would agree by way of what you have presented here.

The only drawbacks or limitations of the Vampyre are those that for whatever reason he will not overcome.

One thing that I would point out that may be of use is the value that the Vampyre places on life.

Go out and ask anyone you like if it were possible to physically live forever if they would choose to do so (and science may well make that a possibility). The resounding answer that you get in spades is no. The Vampyre would gladly embrace such potential.

As for your assumption to one of your answers to your second question, if I may ask, is why do you believe these things?  Based on several of the things you have written, it seems (and I could be wrong) that you equate dependence of any kind with something negative. Have you ever asked yourself why that you hold that view? Then questioned the reason that you give for that answer and continue to question it down to the core? Likewise, would you say that you are not dependent on anyone or anything? If you are do you consider it a weakness? If so why? 

If I have misunderstood your feelings about dependence please accept my apologies. If I am correct, perhaps there is something to learn about yourself.

I hope that you have found this to be of assistance.

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Re: Brief Introduction To Vampyrism
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So is the Vampyr extroverted?

Working overtime to uncover
the mysteries of existence
(as described by Onyx)

I have come into being like Set,
the Separator who contends against Osiris for Eternity.