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Who Are The Gods?
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From the beginning of time there have always been people who have spoken of Gods or Goddesses, and Devils Some have believed in them wholeheartedly, others have denied their existence out of hand. Then there have been those who simply do not care.

Whatever one's opinion on such matter is, let's look at a distinct comparison: For the most part Gods, Goddesses, and Devils have been immortal.

What is a Vampyre at it's core?

A being that never dies.

All have enjoyed a place in mythology. Some have even been killed in the myths but have never died in the Universal mind.

They all require to be fed in order to exist and humanity has been more than willing to feed them for centuries.

This thread is for the discussion of any God, Goddess, Daemon, Devil, etc and Vampyric characteristics that you may have always seen in them but never fully realized or maybe even share the ones that indeed you have known all along.

The following is a quote from a long ago abandoned Grotto Master handbook of the CoS that I found both interesting and worthy of consideration:

"Satan himself is a vampire who will reward you only as long as you feed him. That is your contract. It's a harsh reality, but one a true magician understands and revels in."


Re: Who Are The Gods?
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In the Book of the Celestial Cow, there is a story about Hathor, the goddess Form of the other godesses.

Ra was angry at conspirators who fled to the desert, and sought to slay them. Ra sent out his Eye in the form of a bloodthirsty Hathor, who slayed many men. She then said "As you live for me, I have overpowered mankind, and it was agreeable to my heart". "And so Sekhmet came into being."

Blood-red beer was made in large quantities to trick Sekhmet when she would return to feast upon men's blood once again. The fields were flooded with it, and she became so drunk as to not recognize mankind. Ra ordered that the blood-colored beer be made for Sekhmet on feasts (like the Feast of Hathor) henceforth.


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The Empusai are shape-shifters who can change their appearance, often becoming succubi who would seduce younger men at night for the purity of their blood. They are also related to obstructing or hindering something (Johnston, 1999, p.132-134), and were mentioned in a Greek play (Aristophane, 405 BCE) and other writings.

In Greek mythology, Empusai were the offspring of Hecate (a goddess of magic and the underworld). Still looking into this subject more, but it seems to fit the paradigm.

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Aristophane (405 BCE), Frogs.