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Vampyrism in H☿D
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The creation of the Vampyre soul and Predatory Spiritualism has been a mainstay within the Herald of the Dawn since our inception. It involves the emulation of the Vampyre Archetype in order to better manipulate the objective universe thus enriching our Mercuræn lives while offering an efficient method for self-exploration and Individuation. The creation of the Vampyre within is a true Rite of Passage and a zenith of Internal Alchemy harmonizing mythology with neurotheology.

This may be attractive to those who already identify as vampires for it will harness and embed a chosen vampire archetype (Vampyre) further into your being. It is a stepping stone towards mastering Vampyre Majiq and transforming the human soul into the Vampyre soul. Those who identify as vampires will gain further strengths and those who do not will begin the transformation process.
from Path Kheperu: Texts of H☿D


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This is an outstanding post.

One piece that I would recommend for such a Rite of Passage would be Rite of The Undead by Dale Seago. It can be found in Dr. Aquino's Church of Satan appendix book. Apendix 86. When I did the Rite, I changed the name to my own favorite Vampire Archetype Lestat.