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Oh, Islam is a problem too a bit' greater overall. However I wouldn't say they are on our borders since most Muslim caused violence is in Africa and India. Statistically speaking, Muslims in Europe and North America are no more violent than Christians. You just don't hear about the spate of killings by white supremacist christian individuals and groups as much (I mean actual neo nazis and kkk members ect). Christians are too "similar" to the culture, and so it's harder to vilify their customs. Islam is an easier thing to use to drum up ratings as it's different.

But to India, Kashmir is a cluster fuck of armed and agitated local militias and groups to fight for that sweet, sweet glacial water. India, Pakistan and China all want that shit.

 Islam and Christianity both have a hand in a shit ton of murder and violence in Africa, leaning Islam just due to the Rwandan genocide (I know the primary motivation was racism but no doubt religion played a role like it does with the KKK and Neo-Nazis). Christians are responsible for shit like all that murder in Uganda.

Middle East is basically Christian Imperialists beat the Ottomans and divided them up and fucked them over in such a way to get them to fight each other, then threw in the Jews a few decades later (because that totally was a great idea, right?). The Middle East is in kind of a sideways death spiral because it turns out some of them can hold their own by selling people oil.

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