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Kemetian science moving forward
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My delve into modern interpretations of ancient Egyptian religion have blown me away.  I found a lot of what I expected to; people with sparse occultic knowledge creating some weird Buddhist Kemetic Wicca. But I was surprised a few times by two extremes of interpretation:  A "scientific," interpretation that shows how figures interactions and core concepts Express natrual functions or events, and Artistic renditions of expressive creation. Both led me to a dimensional model of conciousness similar to the nine angles system.

I also learned that 9 is a relevant number in the Kemetian mythos as well as a few not mentioned in Infernal Geometry (Chappell). It seems the link here would be conciousness. I came to the conclusion that conciousness is the expression of higher causation, a perceptual awareness of it's own expression within a higher reality. This is evidenced in various theoretical quantum models as well as some psychological ones. Here I'll link a video that prompts the viewer to visualize these higher dimensions

The idea is that existence is perceived in 4d (on a 3d plane but passing through 4d [time]) desires, thoughts, and memories happen within thought in 5d (on the 4d plane [time is controlled, all things are perceived together until separated by subjective time] but passing through the 5th) and conceptualization takes place on the 6th ( he calls it a phase space, it's like endless events occuring at once). The brain may just be the link between our  perception of dimensions and our body's, or a ,mechanism that accesses these spaces to plot its course through existence. Or who knows, perhaps its building new realities within it?

The concepts are promising enough to warrant further investigation.
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