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The Lord of Hallucinations???
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I am a new student of the LHP and the ancient art of Magick. I have recently stumbled upon an article about a "demon" dubbed "The Lord of Hallucinations". The article, (posted by  Biblioticapleyeades, which raises the suspicion of pro-christian/anti-LHP propaganda basically states that this chief deity of Chaos Magick, whose number is 333 (that of the female counterpart of the Beast) is an entity of complete dissolution and essentially poisons the trinity aspects of the target's presence (physical being, mental strength, and spiritual awareness) thus causing a slow decay of the physical form of the target, the fracture of the target's mental state, and the dissolution of the Knowledge of spiritual truth within the target, thus rendering him powerless. The Article says that all mages must confront and defeat this being in order to achieve ascension. It also says that this being plants seeds of entropy within the target.

Here are some quotes from the article, below each is my thoughts and interpretation of each

"Choronzon appears to sometimes be a group of entities ("My Name is Legion")
-I thought "Legion" was a name used by the infernal 50 as to avoid giving their true name which would strip them of their power. The article (which is quite long and features many subheadings) speaks of the methods 333 will use to exploit the mind, one of which is to manifest itself in the target's psyche in the form of many (up to potentially 1000) voices in order to create the illusion of the presence of multiple demonic forces for the purpose of instilling fear in the victim of the spiritual attack.

"Choronzon is confused and often quite stupid. But it is also extremely cunning and dangerous. It can manipulate people subtly while appearing to make crude attacks."
-the article states that 333 opens up the target's mind to the knowledge, beliefs, and thought processes of those in the vicinity of the target. The target would be aware of all that is or has been thought of by those around him including their true will there darkest secrets and deepest desires. This lesser form of higher Consiousness causes the target to depersonalize and become completely confused and lost to their own knowledge and belief systems. They become an empty, easy vessel for choronzon to possess. This is done through the mentioned subtle manipulation of the target and their will. The article mentions 333s ability to cause dissolution by strengthening the flaws and illusions that afflict the mage target. "Thus causing the mage to belief his own self image" (is this not the whole of most families of the LHP? - worship not a falsified divine deity for thou shall become as thy own God of true will"){my own rendition of various proclamations of LHPism by adepts of Satanic LHP Descent}
This is where the sense of propagandization thickens but the core of the article is still relevant: 333 seeks to prevent the ascension or achievement of the goals of all mages.

"the Demon seldom looks threatening to the mage, most often appearing confused and irritating, it often acts in an entertaining matter, talking about topics that catch the target's interests"
-I would believe that the decayment of the mind may in turn alter and diminish interest in all things, however this may occur slowly and the time between initial contact and complete dissolution of the Mind would serve as an opportune time to fill the target mages mind with confusion, deceit, fear, and chaos.

"It is thought that Choronzon dwells somewhere near The Horizon, in an area known as the Abyss (Which could be another name for the Deep Umbra). According to some rumors, she must be defeated by anyone venturing out into the Deep Umbra searching for a place among the Oracles."
-This section theorizes that the Abyss and the Deep Umbra (A term new to me) are the same. But how could that be? if the Deep Umbra is the place of Oracles (and what I would assume is the plain of Gnosis or The destination of the Ascension) that would make Choronzon the defender of Gnosis. However the article depicts Choronzon as an evil being to be banished at the first notice of its presence.

The Article depicts the only effective combatant of 333 to be Strict and Complete order of the mind and spirit. Anything else less than a higher ritual of banishment will prove inaffective in the effort to cleanse the mage.

With all of this somewhat contradictory, somewhat propagandic information laid before us, I ask... What is the general LHP view of Choronzon, 333, The female counterpart to the beast 666, The Lord of Hallucination, chief deity of Chaos
I came upon this article and the idea of this she-beast demon through a friend who told me he believes that I am targeted by this being.

Below you will find the only imagery the Article associates with Choronzon, the footnote reads:
"Choronzon as the Serpent on the The Tree of Life"

Insight and interpretation of this breakdown of what may be the ultimate battle of Magick would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: The Lord of Hallucinations???
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In doing magic, one could be described as taking different stances relative to "reality" at different times -- just as with working on any other engine, you can't necessarily reach all the bits you'd like to tinker with by standing in a single spot.

So to me, concurrently and uncontradictingly, the metaphor you've set forth exists in at least 2 obvious states: As a microcosm of Truth, which one can manipulate into meeting one's own ends by taking perfectly literally... and also as a human-constructed story, which can be chosen over other stories for use as Truth at a particular time based on its merits or weaknesses relative to its competitors. At one scale of "real", Choronzon is more real than you or I, yet at another, he's just a handy fable made up to get a point across.

This isn't a dichotomy unique to "magic" -- even mathematics has it, encapsulated in the problem where axioms cannot be proven within the systems that they inform. Any pursuit that goes through language encounters a similar class of breakage in having to define its terms to be reasoned about, yet experiencing those definitions to constrict the terms a little more than they might otherwise require. Modern primary education tends to sweep the whole class of problems under the rug, as they're really a devil of a thing to explain to anyone without sounding like you're undermining your own arguments, but it's difficult to get much of anywhere into secondary education (either formal or comparably rigorous informal) without meeting them in any field of study.

From this perspective, it seems almost tautological to me that a useful system for modeling and allowing manipulation of the world through personifications would include an anthropomorphic force of entropy. (The question "why entropy itself?" has a similar category of "because of course" answer to me, but that one's even harder to put into text that looks the least bit intelligible than this.) If you accept that whatever you name the trend like entropy is a force that interacts with your endeavors in the macrocosm, then no microcosm purporting to accurately model the world would be complete without a component representing the behaviors of and interference from that force.

The value in discussing an entity like Chronzon, its goals and desires and actions, is to expand the practitioner's mental vocabulary -- to allow them to see a phenomenon and say "this is the work of Chrononzon, and I can use what I know about overcoming Chronzon to overcome it" rather than assuming themself helpless at an incomprehensible force's whims. For a tiny example of the use of naming, consider the way in which a programmer's code gets better when they learn the nature of the demon called the memory leak, or the graphic designer's work improves when they learn about the monster called Bad Kerning. Look in the pursuits you've already mastered for a time when naming and studying a force that worked against you improved your ability to overcome it, and I hope it might become obvious why working in a model with baddies like Chronzon around can enhance one's personal power so effectively.

Edit: Then again, this is just the particular grasp in which I personally find it most effective to palm the coin of reality. As no two hands are identical, nor are any two minds. If grabbing at understanding in the spots that I point out is not convenient for you, then banish what I say and find your own better-fitted holds upon it.
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Re: The Lord of Hallucinations???
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It really depends on how you approach it. I find Choronzon to be very useful and The Abyss to be where all ideas spring from. I have read articles on that nonsense website that you're quoting. 
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