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Just read Chaos Protocols by Gordon White.
« on: August 23, 2018, 02:51:19 am »
I found it really inspiring. I feel that it's realistic look at the modern economy and world paired with an updating of research(such as operation stargate) to paint what a magician's protocol should look like.

The Aeon of Horus is still in full effect, in that everything is still being destroyed and swept away. Not just Gods or paradigms but "standard" economy, the traditional American dream, hell it's even destroying it's self as occultist get too pretentious and dogmatic about Crowley, or any other text or magus.

But that's a good news. I remember reading in Psuedonomicon that Nyalrhotep appears as the magician self when viewed from above the abyss. So what does this mean in relation to Chaos Protocols?

Chaos Protocols examines probability and economy and how they interlink. This bleak economic reality and this chaos of probability is something most people refuse to think of, let's call them Lovecraftian horrors. As Nyarlhotep, you understand them better and can therefore be the intermediatary between them and more mundane people. Study it, find out how unpredictable both are and eventually make the links together- there's no one massive economy- in the us economy if you have the subeconomies of various cities plus the subeconomies of each industry and so on. An exercise and knowing of these economies and understanding them is an exercise and understanding the paths of manifestations in magic.

Instead of pursuing and/or enchanting for a big goal, do it for several little goals that build on eachother, in a wide array as possible. Navigate this web as if you were the spider.

It was a very well-grounded take on opportunity and success from both a realistic and chaos magician perspective. How to break the bars of society's conditioning meant to entrap you to instead create your own measurement of success and achieve it.


Re: Just read Chaos Protocols by Gordon White.
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I think this is actually the path I'm finding myself on, though not in regards to economics specifically.  It's similar to programming as well, which I've been convinced is my 'way out' for a good little while.  You have to take a problem and break it into many small pieces so that it's eventually it's easier to understand.  I think I'm following correctly at least, if I'm off please do let me know.