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Mercuræn Philosophy
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Mercuræn philosophy and practices are aimed at transcension of the individual self to that of one's  Greater Self. Some of this Work is done through the exploration of esoteric psyche-centered philosophies and practices of the present day and the past.

Conventional/RHP religions embrace the primitive desire for conformity, atonement/union with the perceived Universe. The Mercuræn understands this as an illusion and thus a self-deception once Mercurius Consciousness has been established with any consistency. As the Mystai slowly unveils hir individual psyche/conscious intelligence, it becomes increasingly clear how unlike anyone or anything else each of us is.

Physical death is inevitable as entropy is a cruelty provided by the objective universe. The Mercuræn eventually comes to not fear death for it is realized that we have the ability to remain consciously aware of our identity upon physical cessation. To remain an isolate intelligence of individual existence is first and foremost the end goal of what the Herald of the Dawn understand as the Western Left Hand Path. This Great Work is accomplished through transcension of psyche-centric consciousness towards Mercurius Consciousness through deliberate exercise of one's intelligence and most importantly one's Will. This is why the practice and mastery of Majiq and Ritual are so important for they exercise and develop one's Will. The Arts also provide the necessary stimulation and insight to developing the Will and for unveiling one's Greater Self to them.

The Herald of the Dawn and Mercurænism have come about as an evolutionary product of the Human experience usurping the previous magical and philosophical work of occultists prior to our formation. In addition ethics and morality should play an important role in our transcension, the process of becoming 'more than human' involves the rejection of cruelty and harm to all sentient beings.

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Mercuræn Philosophy of the Herald of the Dawn


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