How to perform a successful working

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How to perform a successful working
« on: August 05, 2018, 07:02:54 pm »
We decided to share this here, it was originally from our blog, but we believe all people can benefit from this.

"There comes a time when you decide to cast a spell or perform a working…but how will you determine if it is working and not fool yourself into presuming or wishful thinking? Mental masturbation or actual results? The age-old conundrum.

In a previous post we mentioned “mastering yourself”, and for good reason. Here follows a scenario to help you better understand the mechanics of “mastering the self”:

“Jack is in dire need to destroy his annoying next door neighbour. He started out with cherry bombs in the mail box, sugar in the fuel in-take of Mr Henderson’s car, and finally anonymous letters slipped under the Henderson’s door, threatening to burn down their house while they sleep. But Jack is not ready to go to prison…so Jack watches a b-rated horror movie in his man-cave and comes across a Voodoo Priest attacking his victim via the use of a poppet and pins. Nonetheless the victim dies within seconds and Jack is stoked. So Jack goes online and finds a Voodoo Curse Spell, and that very same night he performs it…yet again in his man-cave. One month later – no results. One year later still no results, and so on and so forth. Jack did eventually end up in prison, simply because he burned down the Henderson’s residence.”

The scenario above depicts most dabblers within the world of the Occult as well as beginners with little or no forethought. Unfortunately Magick does not work as Hollywood depicts it…it never does. There is indeed a fine line between fact and fiction. So, we will highlight a few dire points below to help you gain the results you so crave in your magical practices:

1) Create your own spells.

2) Do not believe everything you read, hear and see – research EVERYTHING.

3) You must master yourself first:

a) Your thoughts.

b) Your emotions.

c) Your will.

d) Your beliefs.

4) You must know and understand the mechanics of magic.

5) Start at the bottom and work your way to the top.

6) And finally repeat a,b,c,d every single moment of your life.

Let’s go into greater detail and start with point 1 all the way through to point 6.

1. Create your own spells.

All spells ever written in every document, book, file etc were created by an individual to achieve a result. These spells simply did not formulate themselves from nothingness. When you create your own spell – for the sake of argument writing it on paper – you automatically associate with it in extent and degree. The spell will create or rise an emotional current, irrelevant if it is done so consciously or subconsciously. This emotional rise is in fact intelligent energy, unlike passive energy. Once you release this energy in the form of spellwork, this energy travels through time and space and attaches to its target.

You may use traditions from other cultures, such as Norse, Greek, Egyptian etc to “dress” up your spell with exotic garnish, however the fact still remains that it is not the detail of the spell but the will of the caster that makes results manifest.

2. Do not believe everything you read, hear and see – research EVERYTHING.

We believe this point is self explanatory and do not need to be expanded on.

3. You must master yourself first.

You cannot effect anything outside yourself (in the context of magick) if you as an individual do not master yourself first. This means that your WILL must be trained beyond the discipline of an ancient Samurai warrior. If you say as an example: The sky is solid – then your very being will believe it to be so, and from that moment on the sky shall be solid and you will see results thereof. Will is key in EVERY magical practice known or yet to be invented by man-kind. In order to master yourself you need to master; your thoughts, your emotions, your will, and your beliefs/perception. The hard part of this is simply the fact that you will have to remove social indoctrination (brainwashing) in order to rebuild your perception, beliefs etc. Without doing this, your results will be feeble at best. All those restrictions imposed upon you by society is the cancer that eats away at your potential.

4. You must know and understand the mechanics of magick.

Magick operates on a spiritual intelligent current – unlike its counterpart known as physics. Where physics makes the physical act hindered, magick directs the current of spiritual intent to manifest upon the physical – thus by-passing the laws of physics in a non-physical manner. (Science has yet to catch up on this). Magick also operates on the enigma known as cause and effect, however its slightly different. This is in regards to the will and result. If your will is trained, the result will manifest as a mere reflection of the will and so on and so forth. Then you will have to seriously consider the kind of energy you wish to employ (if you choose to use external sources) in your spellwork, such as: Elemental, Planetary, Death, Liminal etc etc. Irrelevent of what energy you use, you will have to make use of energy in order to gain results.

5. Start at the bottom and work your way to the top.

You must be wiling to put in the hours to achieve your goals in magick. It requires massive amounts of dedication. There is NO short cuts in Magick. Let’s consider this following scenario:

“Jill hates her co-worker, because the slut is always trying to outdo her at work. At lunch, Jill crosses the street and spots an Occult store. Five minutes later, she purchased a spell-book entitled: “How to kill shit with Magick.” On her day off she follows the books’ instructions on how to…well kill shit, and casts a death curse upon her co-worker. Two weeks later, Jill was t-boned by a semi truck and as a result is a paraplegic. You see, what Jill didn’t know is that her co-worker is a powerful Witch and was far more powerful than Jill. As a result, the spell rebounded.”

In order for your results to manifest, your spiritual faculties need to be developed, trained and built upon time and time again. In regards to cursing, you will have to be more powerful than your target – on a spiritual level. Your Mana (spiritual energy/power) will have to be permanently supercharged in order to sustain lasting results. There are numerous methods to initiate this training, however we will not be discussing it here.

How to discern:

If you have followed ALL the points mentioned above, you will have no problems in determining the outcome. You may divine on the matter or simply scry. And if you are close enough to observe the outcome, then do so. If you are uncertain if your results are manifesting, you can always employ a third-party to divine on the matter for you. You may see this as getting a second opinion.

On timeframes:

There exist no timeframes within magick whatsoever. Your working may manifest instantly, after a week, month, year or even decades. However, if you seem to fail at first then employ fresh tactics! Change your approach, draw up a Natal chart, consult with the Dead, etc and so on. Remember, with magick the possibilities are endless."
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