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A new word that I may never find the perfect moment to use: callipygian.

Well, if you're ever naming a corgi...


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TIL I probably should try to make more green. :mrgreen:


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TIL the term "Flexitarian", which I guess means a balance between meat/veggies. The real question is who comes up with these buzzwords? Well I have a definition anyway:

I'll eat whatever the goddamned Hell I want.



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Today I learned from two very different websites which I visited for very different reasons that oil dissolves latex.
Well, now I know how to remove those salsify stains from my pot, and a bit more about what to keep in mind if I ever want to use latex for other purposes ;)
Praised be spaced repetition - now I won't forget this that easily anymore.
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Today I learned that if you open a Dropbox link on your phone you can see the user name of the one who uploaded it.

Well, good I'm using a fake name there, but who knows when they'll start showing recommendations of other stuff you uploaded to whoever has the link to one of your uploads, so gonna avoid that site now.

In the past, Dropbox links actually contained a part that was specific to your account, so you could Google for that part and find out what other things that person had shared with that account online. Not funny. I thought they had improved, but with that...
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