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These are great additions that resonate with my Self.
"Some say Kos, others Kosm.
As you did for the vacuous Rom,
grant us eyes.
Grant us eyes."

-Micolash, Host of the Nightmare


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Music and lyrics by Setamontet (Lord Dagon of Archonis)

Blessed are the wicked
The heirs to all creation
Cursed are the righteous
For they shall inherit eternity of sorrows
Blessed are the sorcerers of Evil
Who wield the magic of the blazing pentagram
Cursed are the God adorers
Who feast upon monolithic lies.

In nomine dei nostri Satanas
I summon the Black Flame into my midst
Open wide the gates of darkness
And come forth from the churning lucifugal abyss.

From the primordial depths I am risen up
And am transformed in the fires of damnation
I have dwelt in the lair of Leviathan
And have seen the mysteries unseen by those without.

Blessed are they who strive
Towards the purity of Evil
That dwell in the fane of the black covenant
Cursed are the lambs of God
For they are become as sheep for the slaughter
Blessed are the children of darkness
Who ride the whirlwinds of the night
Cursed are the oath breakers
Who shall forever be reborn in the jaws of Sebek.

I am become one with the Powers of Hell
I have cleaved the night and am remanifest
No will shall prevail that works against me
Nothing ceases that I put into motion.

I am within and beyond you, the highest of life
In majesty greater than the forces of the universe
Whose eyes are the Eyes of the Serpent
And the Dark Light of Lord Lucifer.
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"From the Ninth Angle is the flame of the beginning and ending of dimensions,
which blazeth in brilliance and darkness unto the glory of desire." - Michael Aquino