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Billy Brujo sort of did a video on this but applying it to normal ritual. He's go to it in the beginning of this following video. Basicaly look at the tarot that matches your desire, find it's associations then create a ritual using each zodiacal, planetary, and elemental association rather than a broad one.

The elements of elements, planet of elements, planets of planets, etc. is in no way a new idea and has been around forever.

You see spells in the Greco-Magical Papyri that uses planetary hours to access the Mars of Venus and then add a Saturnian twist, for example. The tarot's court and other attributions, Hermetic Magick uses this and all you have to do is consult Liber 777, Kaballah features this, and so on.

What's different about Enochian is how seemless and beautifully it seems to work together and how neatly categorized it is.

Esentially you have the 4 elements in the great table which breaks down to each element and then elements of elements. I realized each planetary name you say from the element of element is the planetary rulers for that name. The next name breaks down to angle and subangles (element of element of element) themselves.

Keep in mind that planet+element=zodiac so zodiacs are included in this heirarchy somewhere. Also, each square(element of element) has a Kakodaimonos or "evil, unbalanced" spirit in the each that would be used for (at this time) unknown to me purposes. Some speculate material gain and some speculate destruction or the solve part of the alchemical formula. 

Then the heptemagron has actual planetary forces which break down to the planets of planets much like the planetary hours. I'm beginning to study this more so I'll have to look at the other associations with this.

The aethyrs are rather mysterious. Some associate them with Ether, some like David Shoemaker with the Kaballah. Crowley apparantly got information from the Watchtowers that the Aethyrs were fallen angels that Watchtower angels were at war with. However, the constant details is that the are linked with higher states of conciousness with the abyss lying in the 10th Aethyr. I can't help but be reminded by Edred Thorrson's saying Reyn to Runa. The govenors of these Aethyrs can be found in the watchtower squares. Duquette suspects that this was the system that Dee was seeking after that allowed him to spy on other countries on earth unknownst to Dee. If anyone is interested, I'll see if I can screenshot it the associations to the earth's territories of Elizabethan England.

Now, here's where it becomes a complex system thanks to Golden Dawn's Flashing Tablets. It becomes much like the Runes in which each letter has it's own associations with it. I unfortunately dont have Lon Milo DuQuette's book with me but he makes a great argument for Enochian system representing a multidimensional view of the universe by showing how to decipher the Sigilum De'Ameth as Kelly was a code breaker as all it requires is putting them into a square and moving around lines. In my personal paradigm, I like this explanation to why certain letters have different associations on different planes depending on how far up or down you are in it. Here's a following example of how one word can be made of up 4 elements thus making even the smallest name on here rather complex.


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