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Hey guys, I had my exams so I was unable to post here. Anyways my cellphone has got me covered this time. What I've noticed for the past few months is the increasing number of people trying to decieve reality in general. I know this statement might sound vague but believe me it is surely not. This is a great concern which I feel the need to address, specially to like minded individuals who believe in a faith which gives us the throne of our mind, body and soul.
While most people do this as they turn sad/depressed, I have seen many other people having similar issues in which they try to fool themselves into believing that a world, a situation or even a living being is in reach to these people. Having been into depression pretty early in my life, I was fortunate enough to escape that dreaded path. But I surely see various people who think they have the reigns of life in their very own hands while they fail to see the reality. This to some people must sound odd but this is a social as well as psychological issue in which people tend to isolate themselves and build their own castles in air. Now, this reminds us of daydreaming. Exactly the relation between mind, body and soul. Most of us who face these problems tend to go into an auto-pilot mode slipping themselves in a subconscious state and thus making us prone to desire, lust and an imaginary security field which doesn't exist . I was astounded that the number of these people is fairly high and most of the times they are themselves unaware of this condition they are put in. As followers of a belief that incorporates self as an entity of weight, I request you all to delve deeper into yourself and ask the questions which only you have the answers to. Ask yourself about what defines your purpose and are you really able to work according to that purpose. Do you have the means and resources to reach the end goal you desire? This will not only make you better socially, but will also make you better on an intellectual level within yourself. It is very important for us to be in the realms we intend to be in, and not the other way round. Having stress about relationships, career and other social problems is only going to make you more vulnerable to this escapist phenomena. Trying to create a positive aura around you surely helps but the only thing we need to understand is to realize who we truly are so that we are able to tackle the problem at hand. We as humans only grow stronger when we tend to explore our inner reality.
So thanks for making it to the end people. Some of you might consider this post as vague but this was something that was on my mind for a long time so I HAD to do it. Sorry for any typos as I am typing this on my cellphone.
I appreciate you taking the time to read my post. Hail Satan. Good wishes to you all. Thanks


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This post hits home for me. In an environment in which we seem to be in a state of auto-hypnosis, it helps to awaken at critical times and make correct decisions.
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This is definitely true. It's starting to settle in that I've been holding myself to almost obscene standards. Not a problem except for the fact that I have extensive trouble feeling accomplishment. Not sure why, probably something specific to my kind of depression. Everyone in the world could tell me how well I am doing and I'd be like "nah, I suck." Ironically it seems to be the initiated in this situation who cannot see the reality of the matter.

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into yourself and ask the questions which only you have the answers to. Ask yourself about what defines your purpose and are you really able to work according to that purpose. Do you have the means and resources to reach the end goal you desire?

I think, this is at the core of it. I've often seen many people even Satanists, build up an illusion of themselves because the reality of the situation is too hard to face. Sometimes it's their fault, other times not.

It can be hard particularly for LHP types to accept that a lot in life is out of their control. I can't stop a storm and neither can anyone else here. There are certain forces of nature and psychological phenomena that we just are not able to do much about as limited beings. That isn't to say we shouldn't do something; we can't stop a storm but we can prepare for it and have a plan (emergency supplies, shelter ect), same with social situations or sudden changes in the economy ect.

I've been guilty of illusion in the past, and I think most people particularly LHP would say the same if they are honest about it. People often don't realize that before the spiritual can (optimally) be obtained we need to first secure our emotional and physical needs. It's perhaps ironic that we can loose sight of this, given the focus of the LHP on the physical and emotional, the "baser" aspects. Perhaps that is due to a lack of understanding or something else. In any case, you need basic maintenance before the plane is safe to fly, so to speak.

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