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The Gift of Set
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Genuine belief comes from direct experience, not faith. In the past I may have done some things in the wrong order, trying to fit various experiences I've had into Setian philosophy. No harm done, there is a learning curve to anything in life.

But the fact that I can make intelligent choices brings me to the belief that I'm much more than a mere biological robot. Descartes used the words "We cannot doubt of our existence while we doubt" and "I think, therefore I am". How self-awareness is even possible is a mystery to me.

Some have argued it is the product of natural selection, which I think is a valid concept in terms of corporeal machinery, but nothing more. "Show me the proof that gods exist" they say, to which I'd respond: "In the interest of quid pro quo, show me the proof that they don't first".

The question of theism hardly matters though, as I have more important things to concern myself with: There are many hidden secrets to uncover, Gordian knots to unravel, and unchartered dark waters to explore. While others choose to remain on the lower decks of existence, we have risen above the mundane by our own accord to become the captains of our own ships - and that is the Gift of Set.
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