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Order of the Serpent Update, May 2017
« on: May 14, 2017, 11:03:53 pm »

Hello everyone! The first official O.S. newsletter is on it's way, but I just wanted to give a quick update to those interested. First and foremost the O.S. Forum is up and running. It is a forum dedicated to the LHP, one that hopes to fill a serious lack of such communities. It is not solely for Setians, or solely for theists, or even solely for followers of the LHP, but for anyone interested in discussion of topics related to the LHP. Onyx is very proud of the forum, as they well should be! It's new and small, but do not mistake that for it being exclusivist: all forums start somewhere, and we greatly await the arrival of more diverse opinions. 

There are several exciting articles coming with the newsletter, many of which are the initiatory works of new members. As discussed at previous times, there are no ranks or fees within the O.S., simply a LHP project of an individual's choosing. We will have an article by new member Merytseth on Mathematical Platonism, providing a simple explanation on it and set theory, and a logical argument for it. Setamontet has provided a large ritual of his own devising, and created a small FAQ on Setian religion which has been answered by several members (not all of whom are Setian!). Thelemic initiate Agape Therion has provided a short essay on "The Rise and Fall of the World in Comparative Mythology," and may perhaps have another essay. Onyx has provided a list of feature updates for the forum and site, as well as future plans, and a small review of "Black Magic" by Dr. Michael Aquino. It's possible that each member will be providing more than one essay as well. Other members are working on articles which may make it in this letter, but fear not there will be more!

As for now, we feel things are going well. The forum is coming together, essays are coming in, cooperative rituals are being done across the world, and best of all, many are taking an interest whether as guests to the forums or messages to the order or individual members. If we never grew beyond this, it would still be something to be proud of, a true dream come true for us. We thank everyone who has taken the time to care this past year, and look forward to communicating with you all in the future. 

Like the name of Set, so too may your name endure!
Xeper maSet