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Fortitude of Being
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Today I attended my first class in a court ordered DUI class, and I was reminded of my life, past and present.  When I was in my middle and late teens I smoked a lot of weed, drank alcohol a little, and did LSD quite a few times.  I was never an addict back then, and when I was 19 I quit everything and was clean and sober for about the next 12 years.  My twenties were the most productive and progressive time, so far, in my life.  It was during this time, early on (19-20), that I became Setian and found my Thelema.  Most, if not all, in the DUI group didn't find themselves or their "higher power" tell after, during their recovery from addiction.

My addiction to opioids didn't happen until my early thirties, long after I found my way and true being.  Through most of my thirties I was a fallen and conquered Setian, the most depressing time of my life.  There were times when I got pissed at Set, but I never blamed Set for my plights, I understood it was all me.  Things happened and I realized I must overpower the addiction, and through about 3-4 years with strong family support, I did overpower it.  And it was the most difficult thing I've ever done in my life, hands down.  However, early last year, I did drink way too much vodka one night and decided to go to the liquor store for more, and got myself busted.  :facepalm:

One of the things that impresses me about the whole thing, is the strength and fortitude of my Setian Being.  There may have been brief moments of questioning, but through it all I remained mindful and dedicated to my sacred oath and bond with the Prince of Darkness.  I shall stand up for him in this world, and shall stand with him in the next!
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Re: Fortitude of Being
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That's rough. Thanks for sharing. This too you will overcome by the strength of your conscious Will.
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Grant us eyes."

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Re: Fortitude of Being
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