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In the modern day the importance of Set to the Egyptians is largely unknown if not outright ignored and suppressed. The author's previous book, "Behold: The Prince of Darkness", looked into the history of Set to an extent, but it was not the sole focus of the text. Here the author covers the great kings of Egypt who honored Set above all: Peribsen, Khasekhemwy, Horemheb, Ramesses I, Seti I, Ramesses II, Setnakhte, and Ramesses III. He investigates what made these kings "Setian", how they inspire the Left Hand Path and Setian tradition today, and the important roles they played in Egyptian history. It will quickly become clear to the objective reader that the role of Set was much greater than most modern traditions and conservative academics are willing to admit, and that the Setian tradition of today was not invented in 1975, but is the constant rediscovery of ancient traditions.


Re: Kings of Darkness: The Setian Pharaohs by Xepera maSet (free pdf)
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Quite interesting stuff!
I haven't finished reading it yet, but I certainly will.

As the order's official editor I have to complain though that you should be a bit more clear about your sources ("Some historians once thought" "However, the evidence discovered since then" - which historians? which evidence?)
And you really should use a wider range of sources, especially since you write you want to fight against this being called pseudo-science :mrgreen:

Your main source was published in 1938, parts of it even in 1925, that seems a tad outdated.

You could also go into more detail about why your source considers these claims valid, instead of just summarizing them, or about based on which facts you consider other claims wrong.

I quite agree that these lessons from history can serve as a great inspiration for contemporary Setians, or LHPers in general, but if you'd provide some proofs instead of having the reader put blind trust in you, that would be an even greater inspiration ;)
Not saying I'd think you'd be lying, just being a scholar here who wants to see the data published with the paper in order to make sure that the author didn't overlook or misunderstand something.

Besides that, I like the writing style, and I hope you take this as the constructive criticism I intended it to be.
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Re: Kings of Darkness: The Setian Pharaohs by Xepera maSet (free pdf)
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Oh definitely Liu. This is the type of thing where I'm certain to go deeper into it in the future.