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Forum Guidelines
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Welcome to the Order of the Serpent forum. Here are a few things to keep in mind when using the system:

Forum Decorum

1. Posting
This forum is intended to facilitate mature Left-Hand Path discussions. The boards are lightly moderated, but personal attacks and trolling won't be tolerated. Please format posts so others can read them. You are in control of your content and can modify it at any time with the exception of deleting entire threads.

Discussing illegal activities or perpetuating racism, neo-nazism, and other hate-based philosophies will result in the related posts to be deleted and a ban.

2. Security
Avoid sharing personal information on the site, and use email addresses that can't easily be traced back to you personally. In the event of a problem, there may be little choice but to revert to a previous snapshot, so please keep copies of important posts.


1. Images
The easiest way to post images is to simply attach them. If you want them to appear in-line, use the "Insert Image" button on the toolbar and provide a link to the image. Imgur images should inline without tags as long as you link to the actual JPG or PNG and not the main page.

2. Videos
The forum automatically embeds YouTube videos, so just paste the link directly into the message.

3. Audio
MP3, WAV, and OGG attachments will cause a player to be displayed at the bottom of the message. Soundcloud audio may be embedded like this:
Code: [Select]
[soundcloud]<song url>[/soundcloud]
[cloudset]<set url>[/cloudset]

4. Conversations
There is a bug in the Conversations system that causes attachments to be deleted if the post is previewed, so please add them last.

5. Gallery
The image gallery only shows an alert when a comment is made.

6. BBCode
BBCode is useful if you prefer to use an external editor. The following tags are supported:

abbr  acronym  anchor  b  bdo  black  blue  br  center  code  color  email  flash  font  ftp  glow  green  html  hr  i  img  iurl  left  li  list  ltr  me  move  nobbc  php  pre  quote  red  right  rtl  s  shadow  size  sub  sup  table  td  time  tr  tt  u  url  white  justify  h1  h2  h3  h4  h5  h6  nofollow  youtube  yt  vimeo  gifv

7. Blogs
A (very) basic blog system is available. PM me for details if interested. Example:

8. Time Zone
The server is set for UTC time. In your profile under Look and Layout there is a Time Offset field you can use to show your local time. If you live in an area that has Daylight Saving Time, you may have to adjust the offset manually. (The auto-detect link will usually take care of it.) If anyone needs assistance with this please let me know.

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Re: Forum Guidelines
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Please read the added section about time zones, as I've changed the server to UTC time. Thank you.


Re: Forum Guidelines
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Discussing illegal activities or perpetuating racism, neo-nazism, and other hate-based philosophies and speech, such as anti-LGBT speech, shall not be tolerated and will result in the related posts to be deleted and a ban.
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Re: Forum Guidelines
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Today we learned that deleting a thread will erase all posts in it with the possibility of being lost forever. My personal apologies to @idgo as I 100% fucked him. From now on if threads need to be deleted I will personally pm posters their posts from the thread. Usually if it's coming down it's coming down in the first page. Also please inform myself, Onyx, or Setamontet if you need a thread removed instead of doing it yourself and I will do the same thing. We do highly encourage saving your posts, perhaps even just typing them in word or a journal app first the copy/paste. But this will add more protection to posts, which we know member put great effort into.

Again I apologize deeply for this and if it has happened before. Thank you for calling it out @idgo , we won't let it happen again if it can be prevented (so barring straight tech failures).