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Fr. Sisyphus' Archives
« on: March 18, 2018, 09:40:32 am »
I've decided that I'd make a Journal/blog here too  :)

For the first post, I think I'll state the areas that are currently occupying my religious, spiritual, mystical, magical and philosophical studies!

My current paradigm at this present month is consisting of: (outside of Thelema, Taoism and Hermeticism)

Hinduism - Particularly the Vedas (I have a huge print of all four), which have everything from prayers, mantras, spells, incantations, rituals and poetry. Hinduism is a massive interest for me and connects in many ways directly back to Thelema.

Buddhism - The famed Dhamapada and Bardo Thodol are really on my mind and in my conscience right now, both sadness, regret and death are things that I've started having on my mind a lot in the past two weeks - making them very invaluable.

Setianism - Thanks to Xepera, I've been reading my fresh copy of Mindstar and really enjoying it's explorations of consciousness (OU vs SU), Egyptian Religion and metaphysics.

Theosophy - Isis Unveiled is providing some good reading material about traditional orthodox religion (particularly Christianity). More an in and out interest but it's there.

Enochian Magick - You could probably guess I have a few books on it already but it's an area I've been studying (particularly the practical side) a lot lately and intend to start practicing soon too.

Judaism/Christianity - Regularly reading from Ezekiel, Psalms and Job lately, all for different reasons. Ezekiel and Psalms factor into magical practices and Job, for the Buddhist theme of dealing with sadness and suffering.

Islam - Still reading the Quran, on the side.

I've also been doing some light research on Witchcraft/Wicca and watching interviews with several people associated with some of the people that go back to the 50s/60s incarnation of it.

At the moment it is (believe it or not) on the small-side compared to the amount I've been reading in previous months. As far as ritual goes, I've been doing solar adorations from Liber Resh and the 169 adorations from Liber Thesaurou Eidolon but once again mainly sticking to meditation and devotion.

There, first post done  :)


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« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2018, 12:37:29 pm »
@Frater Sisyphus  We seem to have a bit in common. I've also incorporated Buddhism into my practice recently and I work with Enochian although I save it for special occasions. I'm actually looking into scrying the 30 Aethyrs as I plan to start in within the next few months. The watchtowers are really useful too, I'd recommend starting with them.

Setianism's objective and subjective universe have become core to my practice when doing magick that effects others. Michael Kelly really expanded it tremendously in his Draconian books using the pentegram and provides a good explanation for why that kind of magick usually works out the way it does. It's a bit complicated to explain and I'm really tired at the moment.

I really want to read more the Quran in full sometime. I read it's version of a few other torah or old testament stories I already enjoy and I prefer their interpretation sometimes. There's actually a newer book on summoning djinn I really want. 

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« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2018, 04:14:07 am »
On the Thelemic front, I may as well say that the Equinox series (particularly V1N5 and the blue Eq.) are also a small bit of my current daily reading. Although I don't fully agree with Crowley's version of Thelema theologically (and the OTO structure), I find that the whole scientific illuminism idea is very relevant - whether one believes in a higher power or not.
Of course, as a Thelemite it's quite predictable that Liber Legis is part of my daily devotion almost every day. Sometimes it's just a single verse, sometimes it's a whole chapter but it's my core sacred text, so....

Yep, we're of a similar mindspace a bout quite a lot of things. I agree with your suggestion with Enochian magick, that'll probably be where I start (practically) I think.
Buddhism is more or less a naturally massive part of my own theological, spiritual and mundane (yes) dealings with the whole topic of suffering, death, focus, intent etc

Thanks for the Setian suggestion, I'll look into those books after I'm finished with Mindstar.

Warning about the Quran, from a purely reading standpoint - it's harder to concentrate on more than any other major sacred text I've read, in my experience. It's a book that needs to be taken in small chunks, as (to me) it does feel very repetitive. Of course, it's part of a persistence I need to have - with my particular interest in Islamic mysticism (Sufism).

Funny (short) story actually: Hermetic Kabbalah led me into Jewish Kabbalah, which led me back to the Bible and an eventual appreciation of it  :P

(it's funny though, as I grew up a Christian  - then went very 'hard atheist' and anti-christian in my teens - then eventually found Taoism/Zen and Hermeticism - then everything else)



Also, I've been both acknowledging and following the synchronicities that appear in my life a lot lately, and have fallen into a massive one today with several people I've known through my life. Five people to be exact, which are on a course next to my own course I'm currently attending. Two of those five people, of which I was thinking about yesterday/day before  :o
One is a lady I had a massive crush on that I worked with for a brief time two years ago......meaning I have a second chance  :mrgreen:

I know that kind of personal stuff is boring but it's really euphoric for me right now (not just her in particular) but that these four people from different times that all know me, are all of an instant in the same place (sic) as me RIGHT NOW  :huh:

It's really awesome though, it's gonna be a good few weeks!  :D :D (even though they're not in my course)
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« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2018, 06:44:49 am »
@Frater Sisyphus I actually quite enjoy hearing the personal stuff and don't find it boring. It makes you guys feel more human and less faceless. "The aim of religion, method of science" is another reason I still use the thelemite label.

I've actually taken to not using Liber Al Vegis a lot, it instructs that looking upon it at different times will yeild different results so I just have a re-reading when it feels right and I'll view it in an entirely new way. The philosophy and rituals are a part of my practice. I perform Liber Samekh for HGA work and if I'm doing Goetic work then the LBRP and the like seem like the only proper banishing rituals to perform.

Regarding Enochian Magick, I as of yesterday started to teach myself astral projection. I've done it once before a couple years ago. Quite an experience, researched another easier way to do it last nightand I've already had progress but no success. The reason I saw this is because astral projection seems necessary for scrying the 30 ethyrs whereas the watchtowers are more evocation based. I'm interested in the Living Thelema guy's book on Enochian as well. I highly recommend the Enochian Dictionary as well! Incredibly useful. My first Enochian evocation required Liber 777, Tarot, Enochian Dictionary, and prior knowledge of mythology and synchronicity to decode and I then preceded to use various divination methods such as tarot and i-ching repeatedly to confirm it. It definitely requires work but yields amazing results.

I'll keep that in mind with the Quran. I actually have the same story with Kabalah. I love mythology so now that I don't believe it, I read and appreciate the stories way more. I'm actually going to begin studying Gnoticism soon.

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« Reply #4 on: March 21, 2018, 05:03:51 am »
David Shoemaker is awesome  :D
Ironically I haven't read 'Living Thelema' but I've heard only good words from fellow Thelemites about it.

Best with the Gnosticism! For one, I'm very, very fond of the Nag Hammadi Library  :)

Actually Astral Projection is an area I hope to develop more in, it indeed is quite important in various magical practices. 


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« Reply #5 on: March 21, 2018, 07:27:39 pm »
Man you're reading a lot of books at once. :D

I'd suggest you'd pick one to finish. :D

I only have two books I read in this fashion:

The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda (because it's mostly laid out in 'talks', I might read one at a time - it's also REALLY long, something like 4000 pages over 9 volumes) and a programming book. (I find it is actually counter-productive for me to jam through it because I like to work through the exercises.)

I'm pretty much focusing on completing a read through of "Eight Upanisads" Vol 1. by Swami Gambhirananda w/ commentaries by Sankaracarya. It takes some time, but it's really detailed. :D

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« Reply #6 on: March 22, 2018, 01:26:44 am »
Reading a lot is what I've become accustomed to. I've kind of learned that following my inspirations/aspirations/interests as they come is the best for me personally, which is clearly giving me a big reading-load at the moment  :mrgreen:

The central book I'm trying to get through in whole, is still Mindstar at the moment. I kind of prescribe time to each of those other books/texts often daily but aren't treating them so strictly but rather taking them in relevant pieces (like meditating on a single mantra from the Vedas a day - yes I know there are a looooot)

I have several things like The Bible/Tanakh on my phone (I even have an app of Liber Legis on my phone too, lol), which I sometimes make use of when I'm walking somewhere or on a bus. (you can get through around 6 Torah chapters for instance, in a 25 minute walk for instance)

I sometimes may get out some of Dee's writings, records or diaries out in the mid afternoon for some 'casual' reading. Or the Quran or some short stories etc, if I'm feeling like reading when arriving back home.

The Buddhist, Theosophical, Mindstar and Liber Legis books are all part of my nightly reading.

I guess I have a way of 'scheduling' these things to make it work for me  :D
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« Reply #7 on: March 22, 2018, 02:55:11 am »
I guess I have a way of 'scheduling' these things to make it work for me  :D

I appreciate your ADHD, I just can't get myself to work in that fashion. :D

I'll typically spend a lot more time reflecting over the material than most people though, so it isn't a race I have to win. I have about ten books in the queue, so I'm going to stop buying them for while. :D

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« Reply #8 on: March 24, 2018, 02:07:28 am »
I don't have ADHD....
.....But you could say I have a good balance of a variety of reading materials  :) I have a way of contextualizing things, in the sense that I usually always have a larger scope that I am trying to learn, within a number of books - as they often offer various different points of perspective on something  :)

Though I understand the consequences of setting yourself too much material, in that you start to loose understanding of what you are reading. Fortunately that isn't me  :D

Ten books in the queue? I know the feeling. I've already got enough unread books in my library that it is troublesome in some regards  :P (none of which I've mentioned, luckily)
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« Reply #9 on: March 29, 2018, 06:10:31 am »
Over everything that I am engaging with and studying, I feel a very strong pull from Hinduism - particularly the religion of Shaktism.
I have a reverence for Krishna, Vishnu and Shiva.
Shiva himself, is like a RHP equivalent of Set in a way. "Om Namah Shivaya" is also a really powerful mantra, as simplistic as it is ("I am consciousness"), it's quite a profound thing that we often take for granted (on a purely human level). On a spiritual level, Shaivism is kind of like both Setianism and Chaos Magick (in a very basic level) and the philosophical version of Thelema.

It seems that the stuff I've been studying/reading in the past week is more centered around: (Hinduism), Buddhism and Setianism. (removing the latter four from the OP last week,  this week).
I will be digging into my copy of Crowley's Moonchild within the next few days. I'm sort of feeling like a temporary break from reading his non-fiction writings (and Liber AL comments) for a bit.

Also a little note of Hinduism (the religions) and Thelema. As I am more and more drawn into it, I feel that I am starting to equate the Thelemic deities more and more with the Hindu. Afterall, Nuit and Hadit are really just a dualistic marriage (the two are one, in a cosmo-sexual unity) of the universe - the infinite and the finite, in particular - within the Brahman.
Ra-Hoor-Khuit, Aiwass and Babalon on the other hand I haven't worked out yet.

A thing about Liber Legis that intrigues me at the moment, is how RHP both Nuit and Hadit are but how extremely LHP Ra-Hoor-Khuit is. Crowley (and practically all conservative Thelemites) completely underplay what this child Horus-Ra is really announcing to humanity.
Ra-Hoor-Khuit has an anger that reminds me a lot of Allah from Islam, which is one small observation I made.

Yeah, there's my current reading and a mini current thought process  :)
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« Reply #10 on: March 29, 2018, 07:49:35 am »
In my opinion:

Hadit is Kundalini.

Nuit is the embodiment of the "everything is of god" philosophy from LHP Hinduism like the Aghori who worship Shiva.

Babalon is the archetype that Lilith, Hekate, and so on belong to.

Horus is the Crowned and Conquering Child representing the individual entaining full englithement in life, Ra-Hoor-Khuit's anger is more an emobidiment of Neitzsche to me. Will to power, anti-slave morality and so on.

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« Reply #11 on: April 01, 2018, 12:49:05 am »
Currently three chapters into my current reading of Moonchild, I forgot how hilarious the book is!!  :mrgreen:
Simon Iff is one of my favorite detectives too, such a cool character! Very witty!
From the very beginning of the book a set of really bizarre things are happening that are both amusing for their absurdity and unabashed frankness  :D

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« Reply #12 on: April 02, 2018, 03:02:04 am »
Been reading Frater Achad's magical record (Master Of The Temple account) from the Blue Equinox. It really humbles me reading his writings, even though he eventually got way ahead of himself (with the cipher situation) he really inspires me. I get a strong impression of the great hunger and passion for knowledge/Gnosis in his records/diary notes.  :D

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« Reply #13 on: April 05, 2018, 06:35:03 am »
Well my course is put on hold for the time being, as I've been accepted to do work experience at this retail store for three weeks - which may result in full time employment!  :mrgreen: (as I've been out of work since coming back from Uni)

A lot of by magical and Dharmic meditational practices are gonna really come in to play here  ;)

I also want to try and push through the superficiality and relatively 'pattern-based auto-pilot' mental/social patterns that we all have a tendency to get into (especially in work environments).

So a bit of Gurdjieff-ian thinking may come in handy there too!

"Enough of Because! Be he damned for a dog!"

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« Reply #14 on: April 11, 2018, 07:18:44 pm »
Busy at work, working the full 40 hrs a week. It's frustrating how unable I am to study or even concentrate at the end of the day.  (though it is a refreshing break from the information overload I began having)

April 8,9 and 10 where observed by me though (the three days of the writing of the Book Of The Law) - accompanied by a reading of each chapter each day and a ritual. - which where a very meaningful sentiment and celebration both on a personal and spiritual level.

Otherwise, Mindstar, Moonchild and numerous other book readings are on a standstill till the weekend  :cry:
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