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An old dream and possible meanings...
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To begin with I am a new member, so I apologise if I am posting in the wrong place.

So, some years ago I started reading about the occult. Everything was so fascinating and decided to try some things. Most of my reading material back then came from Wiccan sources. So I decided to create some sort of a ritual on my own. Goal: Find if I have a Patron God/ess, angel, demon or spirit. Why? For some reason I always had a feeling that something keeps me out of trouble. There were many instances where I was in danger but for some reason I always avoided it. Some unexplained phenomena happening to me had stirred my interest.

So, since my poetry-writing skills are excellent, I made a chant asking for answers. Then I went for an afternoon nap.

Then I saw a strange dream.

I saw my self in third person in the bed I was actually sleeping waking up in the same room. Everything was the same apart from the fact that next to my bed there was a rug. Then it was both in first and in third person for some reason.
At the end of the rug was a  crone, with dark grey/black clothes that were in bad shape, her hair was messy and she had really long nails and bad teeth. Your average bad witch stereotype. She attacks me and we fight. I somehow managed to push her away and grabbed a pair of scissors from my drawer. I cut the rug in half with a semi-circular motion and scream to her "Get out of my circle!" (Note: Even when I was following the RHP, I never cast any circles because it felt useless). She then attacks again however she can not get past the place  I cut and replies to me "A dark witch is protecting you".

Then I wake up freaked out.

For years I am trying to solve this enigma. However I have not managed to find a solution? Any ideas?

Thank you for your time
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Re: An old dream and possible meanings...
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Crone is usually associated with goddesses such as Hekate or Gullveing in one of their 3 forms. I believe Crone is also associate with the Wiccan version of feminine divine/mother archetype. Furthermore, Crone is often associated with death. The mother with birth and maiden with beauty which is the other two forms.

Triple Goddess archetypes often take the role of a supernatural mentor to witches as well as the protectors of them.
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Re: An old dream and possible meanings...
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Hail @Nuc! And interesting post @King Mob. I myself could improve in the dreaming department. There was a time when I did but nowadays I remember nothing when I get up or possibly I don't dream anymore after having dismissed them for some time. I think sleeping with my phone in hand hasn't helped my cause either. Few days I feel tired like I didn't sleep at all but most days I'm knocked out cold. I keep a journal handy in case I want to write something down.
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