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soul family?
« on: February 17, 2018, 07:53:15 am »
Last year I v been learning rituals to connect with spirit allies,my life was a lot of traumas so I had to do that.....
The results showed up a few months ago, firstly thru visions, now in reality life  people from my past lives coming up, male and female.
the males mostly r past lives partners or brothers.
I don't know how to do with this.....
I love them, but towards male I can't handle they keep coming, I m quite conservative , when so many intimate soulmates suddenly coming, it is like another trauma.....


Re: soul family?
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what did you want when you decided to try and 'connect' with your soul family?

what specifically about the influx feels traumatising?

are you still performing rituals to beacon to your soul family?
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