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Strange Celestial Phenomena
« on: January 26, 2018, 06:17:12 am »
So, I've been having some weird experiences under the night sky over the last month. I've seen singular, out of place shooting stars 3 different times since the beginning of the year. (Yet when I stayed out to see a predicted meteor shower I didn't catch a single one - strange how that works.) But the last one of those three, the one I saw tonight, was very strange. I was having a fire with two friends, and we were all playing music together. I took a little break to admire the moon. Not long after I began, I saw something appear a good ways to the left of her. It was a single bright blue light. It looked just like a star but very large. It lingered there for about a quarter of a second, before firing off straight downwards in a streak that stayed visible until it was behind the canopied horizon. It stayed visible the entire time, and did not seem to fade at all in transit. This was quite a long distance to travel, from the apparent height of the moon to the horizon, spanning about 1/3 the radius of the sky. This movement happened in about the same time that it lingered, about 1/4 to 1/3 of a second. This was quite different than the other shooting stars I've come across in my days.

I'm not saying it was anything supernatural necessarily, but it was certainly very striking in the moment. And it happened so quickly I was the only one of my 3 friends to catch a glimpse of it because I happened to be moongazing. It felt significant to me.

Please share any of your stories about strange things in the sky and possible astrological/astronomical explanations. I am feeling some odd synchronicity that makes me want to learn more about this subject. These phenomena have been almost forcing themselves into my notice, and I swear I have never seen so many before. I would like to learn about some ancient interpretations of falling stars and their meanings. I'll be posting the information I uncover here.


Re: Strange Celestial Phenomena
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I'm wondering if maybe you saw part of it explode as it reached the atmosphere, while the rest came down as usual. Hard to say since I didn't see exactly what you saw, but it sounds like a meteor, the part about it holding still first is puzzling though. Was it a pure "spectrum blue" type color?
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Re: Strange Celestial Phenomena
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That is possible @Onyx. I have been considering that too but I'm not entirely convinced at the moment, simply because there was no noticeable discontinuity of movement/position or even size/shape before or during the movement. It seemed to be consistent with these parameters the entire time I could see it. I'm not sure what you meant by "Spectrum Blue", but it wasn't a uniform color if that's what you mean. It was mostly bright white or offwhite with a distinct blue tinge around the edges, similar to certain stars but certainly larger (apparently) than a normal fixed star.

I do not normally read into things deeply or try to make them spookier than they are. My working hypothesis is that this was indeed a natural phenomena such as a meteor, but this was one of the only times where my immediate reaction was to question what it was I had actually seen because it was so different. Appearing and holding steady for a moment, then traveling straight downwards with enormous speed and a brilliant display.

I still feel slightly conflicted about this, but I can't go back and observe it up close to have a satisfying answer. That's one reason I think it might be interesting to have some sort of esoteric understanding about these appearances to see if those studies connect with me. I haven't had much time for research yet, but I'll definitely post anything interesting I turn up.