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First Post- Introduction
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hello. I am ThirdEye. I am 19 years old from New Jersey (unfortunately)...quick background:

been interested in other religions and paths since about 13...was raised devout fundamentalist christian. got involved in science and studying evolution young and eventually broke free from Abrahamism in my mid teens. I am dedicated to an Elder God named Enki and his faction. Spiritual awakenings on entheogenic compounds like Sacred Mushrooms and LSD turned me on to satanism, which led me to Joy Of Satan Ministries, which led me to (Church of the Elders), which led me to the 600 club which led me here

..i awakened my dorsal energy flow (kundalini) 2 years ago and that was a big shift in consciousness for me. I have experienced much supernatural phenomena since then and i find that connecting with other like minded people via a forum is therapeutic and good for my journey.

i am also a hardcore IV drug addict (heroin, cocaine/crack, meth, etc) and i have two weeks clean. i want to venture back onto the spirtual path of meditation and yoga and divination cermonies again, hence why i came here.

i am eager to learn with you all and look forward to evolving along side you

thanks for having me,



Re: First Post- Introduction
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Thank you for your introduction, feel free to start new threads and use the forum as you may.


Re: First Post- Introduction
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Welcome Third Eye. That's quite the background. Thanks for sharing. Feel free to read and contribute posts.
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Grant us eyes."

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Re: First Post- Introduction
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"My step is great, that I may traverse the sky."
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Re: First Post- Introduction
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Greetings and welcome!

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Re: First Post- Introduction
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Pleasure to meet you 3rdi
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