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Lupinus Chaote

The Adversarial Order
« on: January 21, 2018, 12:35:08 am »
I'd like to invite you all to a LHP discord server called the "Adversarial Order"

This server is dedicated to occultism in the context of the Left-Hand Path or Vāmācāra. In the Order we guide people to their fullest magickal potential without the chains of dogmatism. Keeping this in mind, people who do not wish to "join" the Order are allowed to commingle and exchange information with people in the Order and vice versa.

This server houses the Order, one does not need to join the Order to be in the server.

In the Order, we seek only dedicated and wanting individuals. We will guide and teach our students to achieve greater things in their own individual practices. Since we are left hand path, we seek not to impose any dogma, but help our students gain genuine adeptship. Along with teaching, we will conduct group projects and magick. We hope to build a strong inner community.

We encourage free speech and free thought. We want a place where occultists can speak freely.

Here is the server invite. I cannot wait to see what ideas you guys can provide and what we can provide for you.
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Re: The Adversarial Order
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I think I'll check it out, just out of my curiosity.
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