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A Discussion of ‘Azoth’, ‘Atazoth’ and ‘Azathoth’
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WS was on point, whatever else she was saying, that there is no conclusive linkage, other than speculation, between ‘Atazoth’ and ‘Azathoth’. Also, O9A (in Anton Long’s hand) never claims a link to Lovecraft’s ‘Azathoth’, and distinctly names and defines ‘Atazoth’ as something different.  I will explain why a step at a time. Your essay basically jumps to the conclusion:

“All of the ONA’s descriptions of Atazoth find their origin in the Typhonian Trilogies by Kenneth Grant.”

Then you proceed to jump between mentions of ‘Atazoth’ and ‘Azathoth’, but nowhere in any of the documents are these two actually linked, and that claim supported by concrete analysis. The only mention that jumps out is Peter Carroll’s of Azathoth as increase in ‘Azoth’, but this is published in 1992, claimed only at a point where he could have been said to be taking influence from the O9A (Naos, Hostia, etc. predate it by many years and at least an article or two by him make a curious and illogical addition in a relatively early issue of Fenrir zine).

Not my text, but an enjoyable journey into the lexicon. Thanks to Three_Scarabs for encouraging me to post it here.

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Re: A Discussion of ‘Azoth’, ‘Atazoth’ and ‘Azathoth’
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