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Controversial topic: Armanen Runes.
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They're controversial because they're completely associated with the Nazis. Now, obviously, I am not a Nazi nor do I believe in racism or nationalism. However, the Nazi has many interesting links with the occult- including the Hitler being fond of the Theosophy movement. Himmler was the most famous link between nazis and occultism and I believe Aquino himself even conducted rituals in the Wewelsburg Castle.

Now- most rune authors I have read decry the Armanen Runes- not for the political affiliations but for their historical innacuracy. Almost all Galdr workers perfer the Elder Futhark but you can find a small minority that use the younger futhark- which introduces some extra characters.

But do you really need a long historical lineage for your magic to work? People create new systems all the time that are effective.

Do you think that these runes carry their own distinct meaning seperare to the historic futharks or do they tap into the meaning of their respective corresponding letters? Do you think it's possible to seperate the use of them from the Nazi ideology it's associated with? Now, I'm not saying that heathenism is linked to neo-nazis movement, it's not, you can separate it. But these aren't historic runes, these are runes specifically used by Nazi occultists and not prior to that.

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I don't believe things need a long historical lineage to "work" at all, although it may lend some degree of inherent "power" to something if it does have such a lineage. A large part of what makes something magical or not is the importance your own psyche gives it. If one wanted to work with, say, Hylian script from the Zelda series or Tolkien's version of the Runes it would still "work" in some capacity, as those worlds are "real" in a mystical sense insofar as people make them "real."

Once upon a time, a LONG time ago, scripts such as Hebrew, Greek, Runic, etc were "new" things with no ancient lineage behind them. I'd imagine they still "worked" for magicians then as well. But I do think that once a thing has been viewed as magical and sacred by so many people for so long, the thing in and of itself has some sort of built-up "power" that it didn't have at first due to the accumulated thoughts and desires projected onto them from so many psyches over the ages. Perhaps also due to all that psychic energy STILL being focused on it from all those past psyches that are now disincarnate.
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If historical correctness would really matter, then people would take much more care to use proper Latin, Hebrew, Sumerian etc. than they do.

With the runes, there is one difference to other alphabets in that its use for magical and religious purposes seems to historically have been more important than its mundane use.
Also, it might due to that be that its structure is already a ready-made system which might therefore be more optimized than forcing something made for other purposes into some magical system.

Those advantages would probably not be given in the Armanen-runes.
But considering the fact that most about the original use of the runes is lost, we need to re-invent most of it if we use them anyway, so it in and of itself doesn't matter whether that re-invention is done now by us or in the previous century by some nazis.
Unless of course these nazis had no idea what they were doing and their system therefore makes no sense.

Another disadvantage is that we normally know that the Armanen-runes are later inventions - even if we also know that everything was a new invention at some point, we still subconsciously tend to put more trust into something "ancient" than something "fake".

I'm not inclined to work with the Armanen-runes, at least not before I've gained more familiarity with the original ones.
And also, I normally avoid working with things pertaining to the nazis on principle. And my reluctance to work with their stuff would probably be detrimental to it if I tried to.

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Re: Controversial topic: Armanen Runes.
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But do you really need a long historical lineage for your magic to work?

Absolutely not. Look at the Maergzjiran current. It's not a historically valid current (the clues are in the names, words, and concepts they use, which did not exist prior to the 20th century), yet it's damn powerful.

Look at the Lovecraftian current. No historical validity whatsoever, yet still pretty effect.

Look at all the people who work with Lucifer (as he is commonly understood in this day and age), who was not a historical deity of worship, yet still have success. Instead, lucifer referred to the personification of Venus.

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