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Complex Metal without the Lyrics
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Years have passed since my "phase one" days where I needed to hear tons of Black Metal bands screeching about hurling Christians into spike pits or mowing Jesus down with a machine gun.  :|

Sidenote: The positively worst rap/crap song that is the musical culmination of Phase One Satanism is a "song" called Kill All Christians by SickTanick....Terrible.

At the same time I have grown close to Metal that has virtually no lyrics. The musicians celebrate the music and without worrying about lyrics they can develop much more technical guitar play and other musical elements can be added. I never lost my love for classical music, and some of that hate/death/black metal, but this new enjoyment of mine I hope you will enjoy!

From the Set Course for Andromeda album

From the album Coma

From the album Coma

From the album Travelers

From the album The Ocean Atlas

From the album Handmade Cities

From the album Other Things

From the Album "V"
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