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an interesting video on the runes
« on: December 30, 2017, 03:11:12 am »

This guy knows his stuff well and I have his same opinions on the Runes myself. I'm only 10 minutes in but it's very interesting, I'm considering doing the pain gnosis he does when meditating on the runes- it's about 22 degrees most night, but I live on the water so there's considerable wind chill factor. Wind is blowing at 5mph in my city in general, let alone on the water.

But he's pretty honest about history and giving disclaimers when giving his opinion and personal gnosis.
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Re: an interesting video on the runes
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Great video! I really like listening to Asbjorn's podcasts. He's the one of the two become a living god authors I can take seriously. The other being S. Connolly, a renowned demonolator.
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