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Re: The Book of Coming Forth by Night
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I'm not a big numerology guy, but the conclusion I personally came to for the cipher was the number 777. I just added up the numbers and the words based on an A=1 English system and got 778. Then I subtracted 1 for the "&" sign, since it states "the numbers and the words", not anything about the symbols.

777 (aside from just the Crowley book itself, which is Kabbalistic anyway) has some interesting meanings/connotations. I'll have to look into that more! and get back about it.

From my own studies, I've seen very apparent from the offset that there are quite a few approaches (let alone, conclusions) that can be taken with the cipher, but it's all worth exploring   8)

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Re: The Book of Coming Forth by Night
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Tbh, Aquino's (or Set's) solution to the riddle of AL utterly ruins the BoCFBN for me. It's just... Silly every time I read it. Like why could Set suddenly speak like someone who can barely form a coherent thought? Why bother with numerology when that's a very solar, crowleyan thing that's never been a been part of Setianism, like the Tree of Life? I just do not buy it as meaningful or authentic, and it ruins the text for me much like AL was ruined upon further investigation (at least in certain ways). The word of Set with the keys is similar for me. Honestly besides the Christian symbolism, The Diabolicon is far more authentic to me.

Anyways, can someone explain how the riddle of AL is supposed to unravel into what Aquino claims? I'd like to see the work but am a garbage numerologist.
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I think it's a personal thing, more explanation in the attached image.
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