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We Break The Sword
« on: December 24, 2017, 09:47:47 pm »
I have started reading We Break The Sword by Michael Aquino which adds MindWar to hypothetical theories on World War 2 Germany. I am not used to reading Fictional novels like this, the beginning chapters were just to detailed.

My mind felt Fucked Up after reading the Beginning two Chapters in the book :o. I haven't given up reading this novel yet, I might continue to read it.
"To achieve Xem, the Setian must perceive what he can of Xem, and must Become that
perception. He must incorporate the knowledge, understanding, and lessons of that perception
into the Setian's being. Remanifesting that ennobled state, the Setian will perceive more of
Xem, and will be able to Xeper further towards Xem. It is only through pursuit of this
repeating cycle of perceive / achieve that the initiate will eventually near and reach Xem"- Ruby Tablet of Set


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I thought it was really cool 8) - really funny  :huh:

and a pretty clear cut demonstration of a MindWar campaign?