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I felt like making a thread pertaining to my experiences by the Prince of Darkness and by sharing this experience to many of you. It was upon the 1st day of April 30th, that I felt an emotional feeling within me that I have never felt so strongly. This feeling was during the time My mother was helping me with some work I had to finish up, however When I felt the anger within me I started to sense a force of a dark unknowable entity communicating with me. I was not so sure as to why, however on this very night I decided to do a GBM formal working for two days asking the Prince of Darkness some questions as to why he is communicating with me. My 1st day of invoking him, "In the name of the Prince of Darkness, speak to me. I have felt your presence within my surroundings. Whoever you are I invoke your powers of Darkness, I open the dark gates of hell. Speak to me, tell me what do you want from me on this very day of Night. For I call upon you for answers, why did your unknown Presence come beside me? Why have you chosen me? What is it you want from me? If so I must give my utmost respect for you upon this 51st Anniversary, of tradition and celebration. However I want to know as to why your unknown force has come beside me. I welcome you to speaketh forth unto my presence." During this very first night I felt as if this Dark entity was talking to me in a sense I did not hear any voices but I felt as if I uttered his word, "This carnal force in nature." Once when I uttered this word I felt that I recognized Satan himself. On my second invocation on this 2nd night on May 1st I invoked this entity again, "I invoke your unknown presence among the darkened Chambers, I ask you O prince of Darkness, as to what goals have you communicated within my very BA.  For I utter your word in which you have uttered to me, "this carnal force in nature," is the very utterance of this knowable entity. Whoever you are, I know it is you O Satan. But I enshrine you with the utmost respectful ways. My question to you is this, what purpose do I have towards your personal gains? If, so why? I welcome you Satan, come forth and answer my question in which I have asked." After my two day formal workings I felt as if I sensed and saw Lilith who looked like a girl that I was in love with, later in the morning before my class started I sensed that a force was speaking to me in which I wrote down as a reflection of this experience, "I have felt my moments' connection with Lilith. What more do you want? Lilith's hair is that of the myriad night sky. Her eyes represent the charms and seductions of Darkness. Her blackened lips are exquisite. Her flesh is beautifully fulfilling. She is a shapeshifter of all things. But Lilith is that of a girl that I know. She is that of my friend. And she has come to seduce me in her arms of joy. I feel my connections to you o Lilith mistress of the Havens. For I see your reflection in the mirrors of the Heavens. For one day we will be together as lovers in Arms. For I see you in the skies, smiling with rapture and delight." This experience I had in the morning before school was visually seeing a reflection of Lilith but a reflection of somebody that I know. I understand many of you might think that I have lost my sanity lol, but however while I am currently working on Dr. Aquinos Black Magic essay I have been starting to understand his viewpoints. I believe I have Xepered, I used to regard Satan to be symbolic but I am starting to come to the conclusion that he might exist. I believe that the Prince of Darkness is putting forth of what he wants for me in the future. I plan on furtherly communicating with him.
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Re: A GBM working I decided to do for 2 days at Walpurgisnacht
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Thanks for sharing @Sutekh 
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