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Frater V.I.M.

James C. Kirby, artist and Priest of Set, passed away on Oct. 31, 2017. A little while before his crossing over, he gave this wonderful, and very empowering, interview on Fritz Fredric's podcast, "Daimonosophy 2.0." I highly recommend giving it a listen. You can do so here:

The story doesn't exactly end on Oct. 31st, however. In Aquino's latest book, IlluminAnX, there is a pretty surprising dedication page included. The book is not only dedicated to the memory of James Kirby, but also includes a postmortem communication from Kirby to Aquino. The communication is claimed to have been received the very next day after Kirby's passing. Here is the dedication page from Aquino's IlluminAnX in full for those who are curious:

Dedication to
James C. Kirby,
Master of the Temple of Set

IlluminAnX was written during the month of October 2017 CE. This same period saw the failure of AmeXet’s physical body, which led to several discussions between us concerning the contents of MindStar and the subjects addressed herein. He concluded his own incarnation with dignity and grace on October 31, celebrated by Pele, Neter of Volcanic Fire. The next day, through his Muse Claire, he wrote me:

Thank you my Friend. The advice you provided made a world of difference and allowed space for this Work to come into being with sublime beauty. By far the most powerful and precise Work I have ever done. I don’t know what is next but the anticipation is extreme. There is an authenticity to this Work that must be explored more thoroughly in our school. The merit it has revealed is stunning and worth deep scrutiny. Never has my magic been so clear and stunningly effective and my vision so absolutely validated in tangible form. This Work fulfills my Understanding of our power as Immortal Beings. I’m off to see what sort of mischief I can get up to next.
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I remember James Kirby back when he was Adept II*, may he continue to Xeper and Remanifest as a Lord of life, death, and life beyond death!

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@Frater V.I.M.  I wonder what James C. Kirby died from? He seemed to be quite young for his age. Pardon me if you might get my wrong impression, but Iv'e always had this wonder as to why?
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