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Initiation and Recognition
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There is a difference between "initiation" and "recognition". The former is an internal process of development, while the latter is the external affirmation of what has occurred.

Initiation may be viewed as a series of deliberate actions taken toward the goal of self re-creation - to achieve a new level of being. There are many possible approaches: physical, psychological, mental, creative, spiritual, etc.

Recognition serves to validate the experience of initiation. This is where working with others becomes important, otherwise one is limited to his or her own findings, which may be erroneous. However, while the opinions of others should be considered, the ultimate conclusions come from within.

Thought this might be interesting to discuss, Xeper.
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Re: Initiation and Recognition
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Indeed @Onyx . Concerning recognition, it's oftentimes said that it's an act of confirmation and not conference. So, recognition is not something that is given the longer one persists. Or in other words, it is not based on seniority. I suppose I'm wondering if something to that effect can be said concerning initiation.

Admittedly, I will say that in some sense, one is playing the fool's game if all of our discussions in the forum makes sense consciously. But if one has yet to take the plunge deeper in a subconscious level, then it is futile. This latter condition described me for the longest time. And at times, I have doubts as to whether it really is the case that I am not still there or that I am psyching myself out.
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Re: Initiation and Recognition
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Initiation is the work we do in the process of attaining a new more refined state of being.  The studying, learning, practicing, and the eventual understanding and the new more refined state which comes into being.

Recognition is the confirmation by your peers that indeed you have grown, that you have entered into a new, higher state of existence. This is one of the reasons why "Schools" such as the O.S., ToS, and others are beneficial to those of us who seek after the supreme, complete manifestation of our Higher Self. Communicating and working with others of our own kind, with like minded individuals is necessary and helps guard against self-delusion and false assumptions regarding the evolution of our being.  If one truly has changed, has undergone growth, others will be able to see it -- the Initiatory balance factor.
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