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Sigils, Hypersigils, the Astral, magickal links, and you.
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This is pretty basic stuff with charging but I feel that sigils are so simplified it is forgotten. My method is tried and tested and taken from many Galdr, or Runic, style magicians. Esentially, you have to choices in galdr. You can implant your conciousness in it or take it into your own conciousness like helm of awes are worn then break the link. Your will alone and a sigil to focus should be enough to do either. There's a lot of sigil methods you can find literally everywhere so I will not get into them. However, I am of the opinion the more planted into your subconcious it is the more likely to work. If you are making anything that operates like a Helm of Awe I would recommend using a inherently magickal langauge that is said to hold it's own powers as you are taking in energy. You have many choices here: Runes, Ogham, Enochian, Hebrew, Donald Tyson's necronomiconic langauge, Draconian, or create your own.

Very well, this should be known as most magicians can get sigils to work. It might sound embearassing but I couldn't get sigils to work unless they were bindrunes because I didn't treat it with respect and looked it as a beginner thing that can be charged with the most basic gnosis.

So this takes us to the magickal link and sympathetic magick. The magickal link in hoodoo, voodoo, and other forms of sympathetic magick such as hair, blood, general dna, or a possession of the victim is fantastc. It already holds their energy strongly and has some link with the intended recepient. However, we're simplifying everthing to the basics here; these items might give a spell a powerful boost but you don't needed them. They have interacted with your directly, with your conciousness, providing a magickal link with you. A link to their essence lies somewhere within your conciousness so bring it up and implant it into a fetish as if you would a sigil. You can do this with, well anything non-human as well, and make ritual tools, talismans, etc. everything you would ever need.

Hypersigils. So this is a bit vague, it's a new technology that surfaced in the 90's but it is a strong one. It has the risk of obsession and it increases synchretization that you did not mean to happen but is nevertheless important. Requests you put it may manifest but in a way you had no intention of. Somethings are taken literally and others not at tall.

Hypersigils are generally an extended creative work that functions as a microcosm. You manipulate reality within this microcosm and it effects the macrocosm. So how do you do this? You set the stage and forge magickal links. The first one is to empower your own conciousness and then the microcosm. Forge a link with your fetish or character before others as it is your conciousness that observes and changes this reality. Then make fetishes for other people you know, forces you wish to play in it, and desires or troubles to give to various people so that you can verify if it works or it's just it your head. You can also sigilize people you want to come into your life. Get creative with this! If you're writing a comic  or filming a movie, you can hide visual things such as runes, sigils, or animals associated with Gods(cats to invoke Freyja) or even seals. Or you could literally just make a demon you want to interact with a character. You can use the runes and sigils to help empower events that you really want to manifest in reality.

There's many ways to do this. Sure, tools can help and the wand and cup are symbols of manifesting and taking in energy and you can always do that. It can help to have an object you yourself form a magickal link with and have collecting ritual energy. This is another way magickal links can be used to our advantage. But if you're really strengthening your will, you should be able to strip a ritual of everything and use the natural magickal links and will inside your conciousness to effect change. If magickal link as all it takes to create rituals tools, hypersigils, and the like, then get creative and see how far you can push it. Maybe that leaf you found on the ground is now a sigil for money and you can use a lighter (wand/fire) to burn it. It sounds new-agey and like the problems I have with chaos magick but if you've trained your conciousness you should be able to make it work.

 I personally prefer to innovate in the other direction if we are going the chaos magick route by reverse-engineering rituals and seeing if they work, then trying to create new tech out of it by complicating it. Say you reverse-enginereed and simplified necromancy, servitor/egregor invocation(as well as demons), new age crystal magick, and innovated your own way with cybermancy. Well then, find a way to use dead spirits to charge a battery to power a egregor. I have no idea how you'd do this as I'm terrible with code and all that but I'd guess you could get a USB drive and write a code for an over-all egregor(it doesnt matter if it effects the computer) than actually write a code that programs it to effect your google searches to give you divinatory messages, then write a code to draw from energy that is placed on top of the USB.  Use necromancy to have the spirits charge crystals you put on to of the USB.

This is example over fucking complicated so why do it if you don't need to? Well, creativity is fucking important. Force yourself to be creative. Also, to encourage you to simplify systems and try out new systems to see if they work. And to see how far you can strip, bend, and push a system before it collapses or falls apart. I think is what is most important in this example is that it's expirimenting to find different ways magickal links can be crossed over and how many transfers it takes to lose energy or how they gain in energy. Hell, after doing all that you could than place it into a hypersigil and see if it takes on a life of it's own!


Re: Sigils, Hypersigils, the Astral, magickal links, and you.
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Force yourself to be creative.

I have a magical language of sorts. The attached "sigil" is an aquatint I did 20+ years ago, which I now understand represents personal complexity, motion, balance in the symmetrical parts, decision in the asymmetrical parts, etc.

Though not usually this complex, I doodle these images often. Sort of a visual language to me, perhaps best described as various mysteries to explore. Creativity is a "magical link", and Black Magic is always a creative process whether done formally or spontaneously.

@Setamontet has said "Xeper Happens". When it does, you've unlocked the door to another treasure trove within your own psyche, and creativity is the key.
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Re: Sigils, Hypersigils, the Astral, magickal links, and you.
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I feel creating your own magickal language can hold a lot of power. It's the same concept of creating a tool except you're creating a system plus pulling something from your own subconcious. I need to get around to my personal alphabet of desire soon.

I completely agree about creativity being a link. I think in grimoire traditions, it can sometimes bemore effective to put your energy into something that gets the idea across rather than buy someone elses strictly made tools. Lon Milo Duquette gives out cardboard rings of solomon and says if you can't make a cardboard ring magickal, you're not gonna have much luck with a gold ring either.

This has given me some ideas. In my favorite game, there's a part where you stuck at sea with a crew who won't do anything and you need to put together a voodoo spell to get to your destination. As you're on a ship without anything, you have to improvise. For example, the pressed skull becomes a jolly roger, squid ink becomes ink from a feather quill set, etc. When my friend needed a hint, I told him to chaos magick it after he complained about "where the fuck am I going to find this shit at?"

If creativity is indeed a magickal link, which I agree with you on, then putting in the time to think about how you're putting togther stuff builds up the energy that you're release into the tools. I've stopped thinking of ritual tools, ceremonial and otherwise, as props and more of energy conduits and art projects.