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Two methods of magic[k]al defense.
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Thought I'd share two methods of magic[k]al defense that I've road tested.
ONE: Take a phrase that has been in your brain for a long time (a mindworm, if you will). Its apparent meaning is not particularly important, but I believe its longevity is (my phrase came from a Sam Beckett work, and has been hanging around my cranium for more than thirty years). Turn the phrase into a sigil. If this resembles an object or person so much the better.
Chances are this mindworm has become part of your psychological microbiota. It has an interest in the welfare of its host (you) and by sigilizing it you can summon it to do what it is its interest to do anyway, defend you. Use the sigil in the way appropriate to its form. If it is just a squiggle write it on the interloper, if it looks like a thing use that thing. It will restrain and inhibit an intrusion.
TWO: Modern life is full of boredom, waiting and frustration (a doctor’s waiting room, an airport when your flight is delayed, the average office on the average day). If you live at the beginning of the twenty-first century chances are your experience of this will be viscerally real to you, it will have psychological  “substance”. I describe this substance to myself as the “dead weight of mundanity/modernity”. And because of its lived reality this substance can be conceptualized and utilized. When you are experiencing an unwelcome approach (or “attack”) you can conceptually tie/glue/attach this dead weight to the encroaching force/entity and restrain and repulse it.
I used both in tandem recently and found them to work. They should be compatible with most systems.
Regarding TWO I should add that if an individual understands musical notation it should be possible to sigilize a longstanding earworm.
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