Author Topic: Any opinions on Dragon Rouge or Order of Apep?  (Read 497 times)


Any opinions on Dragon Rouge or Order of Apep?
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First of all, I love this Order and I have no intention of leaving it any time soon. I feel like this is the perfect place for me right now and I appreciate all the members involved and I feel like it is only beginning to get exciting from the articles I'm seeing for TIS vIII. So my priority in looking for any other order is one that does not disallow me from being affilated with another order such as The Temple of Set.

I can't deny that the Draconian current is for me so I'm looking into Draconic affilated orders. Apophis Club seems interesting and they seem to have started some kind of training program. I don't believe dues are required and most members are affilated with other orders. However, it mainly seems like a forum and I'm looking for an iniatory school. I'm also concerned with the intellectual property agreement, I don't like those to begin with in general and I don't want to be prevented from publishing in TIS.

Dragon Rouge seems to have a good reputation and has really caught my eye. However, my main concern with them is in addition to your acceptance fee that you have to order the training courses. That turns me off quite a bit. I still seem to like their philosophy. I am still not looking to join anything for quite sometime but I feel it's around the time to begin examining different magickal schools and carefully deciding which to apply to when the time comes.

Has anyone heard anything about these orders? I'm curious of your completely honest thoughts on them. 

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Re: Any opinions on Dragon Rouge or Order of Apep?
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Dragon Rouge in particular seems to line up with my philosophy as well as artistic interests.