Author Topic: Does anyone know how Dr. Michael Aquino invoked Satan/Set?  (Read 1249 times)


Re: Does anyone know how Dr. Michael Aquino invoked Satan/Set?
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I always appreicated Satan/Set/PoD as an inner potential that expands out from the Black Magician. It reminds me of my most favorite line from the Word of Set:

I am within you and beyond you, the Highest of Life.

Tapping into an expansive supernornal potential within the Self brings about not just the possibility of synchronicity, but also self growth and self knowledge. I always consider ritual to be an apprehension of the apeiron, the boundless. Normally, people never really go near this aspect of themselves.
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Re: Does anyone know how Dr. Michael Aquino invoked Satan/Set?
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From the good Dr.'s "Temple of Set":

I chose the night of June 21-22, X/197510 as an appropriate occasion for the working. The time/events following my June 10th letter to Anton and Diane had suggested to me that an ordinary solution was increasingly improbable, and that evening - as the Summer Solstice and anniversary of my own ordination to the Priesthood five years previously - seemed “traditionally” respectful. I cannot recall the date having any other significance to me at the time than this.

At midnight I was alone in my home at 302 East Calle Laureles, Santa Barbara - save only for my beloved Irish Setter, Brandy. As was my habit with GBM workings, I put a phonograph record on the turntable and set it to endlessly repeat. I chose a selection which I had never used before [and, out of personal regard for the result, have never used since]: Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis.

My altar was located in the living room of the house. I opened the working in the traditional Satanic Mass, then spoke aloud the First Part of the Word of Set.

I felt an impulse to enter my study - “the Sanctum” as I nicknamed it - and with Brandy curled up at my feet, sat down at my desk and took up pen and paper. Then, over the next four hours, I wrote down the words of The Book of Coming Forth by Night.

The experience was neither one of “dictation” [as in Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law working] or of “automatic writing” after the spiritualist fashion. The thoughts, words, phrases seemed to me indistinct from my own, yet impressed me as both unique and necessary, as though no other sequence would do. Frequently I paused for a time, waiting for what might occur next. Three times I got up from the desk entirely - once to find a small book by Wallis Budge, Egyptian Language, and leaf through it until I found the sentence that had gnawed at me, copying its hieroglyphs into my writing; once to trace an exact copy of a scrawled passage from the Book of the Law into the narrative; and finally, at its apparent end, to place a small piece of my own artwork (which I had done sometime previously, merely on a meditative whim) as a “seal”. By about 4 AM the document was completed, and I was mentally and emotionally exhausted. I did not formally close the working [though I did stop the endlessly-cycling phonograph], and simply fell asleep until the late morning of the 22nd, when I first read through the complete text and tried to collect my thoughts concerning it.

To put it in simpler terms:
1) He opened the ritual in the standard LaVey/CoS format by doing the Invocation to Satan and drinking from the chalice (i.e., "the traditional Satanic Mass"), possibly with calling the Four Crown Princes.

2) He recited the First Enochian Key (or rather, his at-the-time fresh and new revision of it as the First Part of "The Word of Set")

3) He spent the next four hours writing the Book of Coming Forth by Night.

4) Took a nap.
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Re: Does anyone know how Dr. Michael Aquino invoked Satan/Set?
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Aquino also used the First Part of the Word of Set as the invocation during his Wewelsburg Working, which resulted in the Remanifestation/re-establishment of the Order of the Trapezoid in the ToS.
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Re: Does anyone know how Dr. Michael Aquino invoked Satan/Set?
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How could I not find that quote when I looked?! Thank you very much.

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