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Wish List
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This is a wish-list for what forum members may want both from the forums and the O.S. in general. Sections in the forum, specific topics in the newsletter, additions to the library, design recommendations, literally anything you can think of to import of forum and Order. We want everyone to know how much we appreciate and are pleased by your participation and enjoyment of the forum!
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Re: Wish List
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Silly idea but I'll start a thread on it under here:
An index of abbreviations that we throw in posts, assuming everyone knows what it means. Not to be confused with more common abbreviations. Rather those that are unique to LHP and our forums. It's all in good humor so it's not to be taken too seriously as marital law. Anyone may still do as they will. Some examples:

HGA - holy guardian angel
GBM - greater black magic
X&R - Xeper and Remanifest
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Re: Wish List
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I would like to propose another book for the list of books in the library: A Sourcebook in Indian Philosophy by Radhakrishnan and Moore. It has been a book that I've owned twice over and each time, I ended up giving it to someone else as they found it resourceful for themselves. I'll have to get it for a third time.

It was the first book whence I familiarized myself with the six orthodox schools of thought in Hinduism (Nyaya-Vaisesika and Vedanta included) and the heterodox thoughts like Buddhism and Jainism. I don't have a PDF but here are some links that relate to the work:

Radhakrishnan Bio

Indian Philosophy Vol. 1
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